Dan Croll on the beach

We’ve been fans of Dan Croll for a long time now. Like, a really long time. So we’re quite pleased to see that the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne songwriter has kicked 2020 off with a string of singles, which includes some recent ATG favorites like “Yesterday” and “Actor With A Loaded Gun.”

Croll’s latest output is an intimate live video performance of the latter track, created with the fine people at The Wild Honey Pie. The recording carries meaning for Dan and his early days in Los Angeles. Here’s what he has to say about it…

When I moved to LA I knew hardly anybody, I was spending a lot of time alone stressing about the fact that I had to make an entirely new social circle. One of those places I found a bit of solace from was my local diner, and so we thought actor would be the perfect fit for this location.

Watch the video below. You can also hit play on the playlist if you haven’t heard any of Dan’s latest singles.