Few albums have been so highly anticipated as The Chromatics‘ forthcoming masterpiece. 2018 is set for that release, and the band are sharing “BLACK WALLS”, a glowing teaser that blends catharsis with a little glam. Their resolve is strong – maintaining a calm, albeit intense sense of cool with near motionless figures that punctuate every frame. Anticipation aside, this is pure gold and considering recent life-changing events on their end, this is pure gold.

Since 2015, fans have waited eagerly for the release of Dear Tommy, soaking in a few singles before the devastating news that Johnny Jewel had destroyed all 25K physical copies following a near-death experience in Hawaii (audiophiles: AHHHH). The album is finally set for a Fall 2018 release, so let’s make sure they see it through and form a human shield around them because they do not mess around.