Charlie Phllps

Life is a balance of time, emotion and sacrifice that can often overwhelm the senses. We leave these in the hands of Charlie Phllps this morning with his latest single, “Pendulum”, title track from his forthcoming record. Gentle strings are plucked with grace as notes slide across the scale as the young songwriter hits the important ones within layers of sultry lyricism. The pendulum always moves to extremes, but we learn to weather the changes with earnest grooves like this.

Charlie Phllps’ 8-track LP, Pendulum, is out August 10th. Stay tuned and listen below.

On the new track, Charlie writes, “I can be a very reserved person, but once that lyrical and emotional openness was established, I tried to set that as the standard for all my writing moving forward. I’ll write something down and if it sounds like just songwriting, I’ll call bullshit and throw it out. I want honesty and I want groove.”