Morrissey is a living legend. He has all the characteristics of the most tragic of Greek gods, and when you listen to him sing or speak you are quick to realize that you are in the presence of an other worldly creature. Now, Meat is Murder is the best Smiths album, and that’s just a fact I am presenting today. The key line in “The Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” goes “I’ve seen this happen in other people’s lives, now its happening in mine.” Consider that lyric, one about empathy, one about experience, one about memory, one about the entirety of the human experience. You’ve seen that over there, and then suddenly there is it, occurring once more in your life. For Will Barnes, the man that is Car Seat Headrest, this can be so many things. For one thing its fame and notoriety as an artist, a thing that he could never have expected when he started recording vocals in the back seat of his car. It’s the erosion of privacy, a form of preservation for a very private man, similar to the monolith he’s paying homage to. And from there the list unfurls and unfolds, an empathy machine of a song, just like every other Smiths song.