In the astrological world, June 21 to July 22 is Cancer season. In honor of Cancers everywhere, we curated a playlist with 25 songs and artists that best emulate this zodiac signs’ energy. Check out the playlist below and keep reading to learn more about our favorite tracks: 




Cancer Season playlist - Ashes to Amber

Ashes to Amber – IRIS 

Every Cancer has their nostalgic side. Kane Acosta, the man behind bedroom-pop band Ashes to Ambers, has an affinity for nostalgia. A senior at USC Thornton School of Music, Kane first began making melodies in seventh grade, after a childhood of learning guitar and memorizing Jimi Hendrix songs. His song “IRIS” is a timeless, bittersweet bop that reminisces about falling in love during your teenage years. The song feels something like cruising down the highway in a convertible on a summer day, completely immersed in a vintage fantasy. Definitely a Cancer Season vibe.




Cancer Season playlist - Deb Never

Deb Never & Kenny Beats – Stone Cold 

Cancers may be soft, but they’re not afraid to call people out on their bullshit. Together, Deb Never and Kenny Beats blend grunge and hip-hop elements in their powerful song “Stone Cold.” The track criticizes toxic masculinity and is accompanied by a music video that pokes fun at the professional wrestling world. “Stone Cold Steve Austin / Desperate for attention / He’s slamming bodies left and right / Just to prove a point / That he’s the strongest man alive / But a lonely boy,” Deb Never sings over Kenny Beats’ woozy bassline. Mellow but grunge, “Stone Cold” will chill you out and fire you up at the same time. 




Cancer Season playlist - Dayglow

Dayglow – Can I Call You Tonight? 

Sometimes Cancers can come across as clingy, but the truth is they just fall deeply, fast. Sloan Struble, the frontman of indie-pop band Dayglow, captures this sentiment perfectly in his hazy, lofi bop “Can I Call You Tonight?,” a song that questions a relationship between two friends who may secretly harbor feelings for each other. With a vulnerable, catchy chorus, that beautifully depicts not just the uncertainty, but the fear of losing someone you love, “Can I Call You Tonight?” makes the friendzone feel a little less depressing. 




Cancer Season playlist - dhruv music

dhruv – moonlight

Despite their hard exteriors, Cancers are hopeless romantics. While dhruv, a 21-year-old R&B artist and data science major at Yale University, may not be a Cancer, he’s definitely a hopeless romantic. In his soulful song “moonlight,” off his upcoming debut EP Con Artist, he reflects on these romantic feelings, dreaming up his own personal rom-com through masterful imagery. “Lyrically, it is about pining for something that seems as if it only existed in movies,” dhruv explains in an interview with Crowd Surfer Mag. “I wanted to write something intoxicating and beautiful like the love we see on the big screen, something that I’ve never gotten to see represented as much in my sexuality.” This is a song you’ll definitely have on repeat.




Cancer Season playlist - REI AMI

REI AMI – Dictator

Nobody knows mood swings better than REI AMI. The 24-year-old Seoul-born, Maryland-raised artist exists in polar opposites, practically embodying Cancer stereotypes. Bad-as-hell but also sad-as-hell almost every one of REI AMI’s tracks has a distinct genre transition. “Dictator” is no exception. In this track, REI AMI effortlessly transitions from an aggressive, rock-and-roll rap anthem about world domination and not needing a man into a somber, bedroom-pop tune about heartbreak and depression, all in three minutes. In an interview with Ones To Watch, Rei Ami “I want you to feel, and I want you to go from twerking, being a bad bitch to knowing it’s okay to be sad.” REI AMI is just like a Cancer: hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. 




Cancer Season playlist - Hojean

Hojean – Hookup Culture  

At their core, Cancers crave deep, emotional connections. In his heartfelt track “Hookup Culture,” the 22-year-old r&b singer Hojean explores the ambiguity of a relationship post hookup. Unlike his partner, Hojean finds a lack of fulfilment in hookups, constantly questioning the future, with yearnful lines like “I can’t do no hookup culture / Baby can I find out where we’re going?” As an honorary Cancer, Hojean knows that casual relationships don’t always come naturally. 




Cancer Season playlist - frances forever

Frances Forever – Space Girl

Frances Garrett is the 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist behind the indie-pop group Frances Forever. While Garret isn’t a Cancer, they are definitely crushing on one. “Space Girl” is a celestial ode to their Cancer dream girl, whose feelings are unfortunately unrequited. This song is fantastic not just in the studio, but live as well. Check out Frances Garret’s NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission.




Cancer Season playlist - ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL six speed 

Tucker Pillsbury, otherwise known as ROLE MODEL, is the king of creating depressingly relatable ballads. His broodingly honest song “six speed,” is a deep-dive into the depths of Tucker’s emotionally-torn mind. “The six speed bike is supposed to be a metaphor for manic depression,” Pillsbury confessed in an interview. “The six speeds on my bike are like having six different moods that just shift back and forth whenever they please.” In these low moments, Tucker feels paralyzed, further isolating himself, a feeling some reclusive Cancers may resonate with. 




Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers – Moon Song

Cancers are some of the most caring people you’ll meet. But sometimes this can get the best of them, people taking advantage of their kindness. The 25-year-old indie-folk singer Phoebe Bridgers is no stranger to this feeling. In her track “Moon Song,” off her latest album Punisher, Phoebe explores the feeling of caring for someone who doesn’t care about themselves. Phoebe told Apple Music that “Caring about someone who hates themselves is really hard, because they feel like you’re stupid. And you feel stupid. Like, if you complain, then they’ll go away. So you don’t complain and you just bottle it up and you’re like, “No, step on me again, please.” It’s that feeling, the wanting-to-be-stepped-on feeling.” Radically vulnerable as usual, listen to Phoebe perform “Moon Song” live from her kitchen: 





EARTHGANG – Proud of U (feat. Young Thug) 

At the end of the day, Cancers are some of the most loyal, supportive friends that someone can have. Dreamville’s EARTHGANG is the embodiment of a Cancer friendship. The eclectic hip-hop duo, composed of Atlanta-based rappers Olu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctor Dot), are always hyping people up. “Proud of U” is the ultimate pump-up jam. True to their Southern, soulful sound, the track feels like a giant hug. 



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