Brockhampton Fallon

Risen boy band BROCKHAMPTON are bouncing back from a rough patch with a soul-wrenching first Fallon appearance last night. Fans across the board have been hanging on every word following allegations and subsequent ouster of Ameer Vann, wondering what might be next for the group who has more than three records in them. Fissures like these have a way of crushing bands, so naturally the world has worried. But the group prove once again their ability to adapt and roll with life’s punches. Last night, the guys remained seated on the stage at the foot of a piano to debut “Tonya”, their latest single cut from their forthcoming record. Accompanied by three charming harmonizers, the group reflect on old memories of positivity, doubt and the future.

Stay tuned for their crisis-averting follow-up record, The Best Years Of Our Lives, out soon.