Rising electro artist Brey is hitting the morning hard with his latest steady jam that energizes the soul with a playful apology. Featuring the likes of MNYS and French Horn Rebellion, “Breakup Song” channels three distinct subgenres as if in a bid to consolidate power. The tasteful use of AutoTune won’t go unnoticed, either. Brey adds just a dash to taste, like Himalayan sea salt. It prompts those picky listeners to think along the lines of, ‘This is familiar.. no wait.. there’s something about this’. Just let that tasty rhythm grab you by the ears and listen below.

On the new track, Brey writes, “Love was never meant to be transactional,” shares Brey. “We’re just highlighting what it feels like to date in 2018. Are we just physical or are we something more? Let’s see.”