Brendan Villines

We don’t often hear from Kentucky when it comes to solid pop music, but today’s exception is hitting us in the form of Brennan Villines. Sharing the title track from his forthcoming EP, “Make It Work” runs slow in its first steps as our silky-voiced newcomer builds a moment. Brennan’s approach feels somewhat in line with classic boy band melody, though carrying with it a greater sense of experience. It is a refinement of swelling tone that blends so well with his reluctant perseverance in the face of adversity. He’s not giving up and his message is clear – neither should we.

Speaking to this, Brennan writes, “I think anyone facing any sort of inner battle eventually must face the fact that the only person that can bail you out is yourself. Make It Work is a letter to my loved ones who knew what I was facing during my battle with drugs but couldn’t do anything.”. Listen below.