Big Mother Gig

We’re big fans of LA post-grunge outfit Big Mother Gig, and in their on the fly, creative improv style, the band have included a once-shelved single to their forthcoming record. “Low Payout” was recently mastered after its demo reached the ears of Mighty Mighty Bosstones classic vocalist Dicky Barrett and inspired him to chime in. Heavy in the fetal alt rock style that realized its own Golden Age, the new track highlights a tamber borne from Dicky’s own darker, subliminal side. Listen for the subtle and obscured sound bridges that seem to materialize upon your second and third times around. It’s the first Repeat in a long time you won’t regret.

Noting the new track, the band writes, “We had so much fun working with Dicky on this track. It’s the perfect match for his growl. We wrote the song last year and had shelved it for a while, not exactly sure what to do with it. When Dicky heard it, he thought it was perfect for him so we cut it really quick so we could include it on this album.”