December has brought a new month of festive holidays, colorful lights, and way too much eggnog. But if you’re like us, you’re probably not prepared to listen exclusively to holiday tunes for the next few weeks. So we’ve got you covered with the best tracks you should be listening to this month. Grab that last slice of leftover pie from Thanksgiving, sit back, and enjoy our Best of the Month playlist.

Jordana- Reason 

It’s impossible to listen to this song without feeling relaxed afterwards. “Reason” moves at a gentle and smooth pace, providing the perfect song to listen to while digesting all those turkey leftovers. As Jordana put it in an interview with Stereogum, “Reason” is a “song of realization, how you can find worth and happiness in life just by showing love and compassion through simple gestures and being present in the moment.” “Reason” encapsulates those feelings with deeply introspective lyrics and Jordana’s soft and calm vocals. 




Cautious Clay – Dying in the Subtlety

If you’re looking for another chilled-out track, we highly recommend Cautious Clay’s newest single “Dying in the Subtlety.” The track, which will be featured on his highly anticipated forthcoming album, features Clay’s melodic tones and a slow cool beat. The lyrics deal with more complicated issues, namely uncertainty in friendship and relationship dynamics due to mixed or misunderstood signals, a trend many of us can relate to. 




Chloe Moriondo – GIRL ON TV

If you’ve ever felt that you’re not good enough for someone and wish you could somehow change yourself to be, “GIRL ON TV” is the song for you. Chloe Moriondo perfectly encapsulates that feeling, as well as the general feeling of not being happy enough and not understanding why. The song’s themes may be heavy, but Chloe’s honesty in both her lyrics and vocals makes it well worth the listen. 




Pale Waves – Change 

Pale Waves takes the opposing view from chloe moriondo in “Change,” a song which centers on a relationship where you want the other person to change but they never will.  “Change” serves major indie-pop vibes, reminiscent of early 2000’s artists like Avril Lavigne and Fefe Dobson with an upbeat rock beat and super catchy lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to. 




Arlo Parks – Caroline 

We will listen to pretty much anything Arlo Parks sings, and her song “Caroline” certainly doesn’t disappoint. Sung in the perspective of an omniscient narrator, Parks’ characteristic high lilting voice depicts a tumultuous interaction between another couple. Both the lyrics and style of music reminds us of Suzanne Vega’sTom’s Diner” with its low beats and third-person storytelling. The song feels inspired by that late ‘80s early ‘90s style of minimal sound-system beats and hazy sounding vocals, but Arlo Parks brings it to a whole other level.



The Paranoyds – Hotel Celebrity

The Paranoyds are a Los Angeles band that makes energetic punk music. Their upbeat song “Hotel Celebrity” takes a playful poke at the cosmetic lengths that celebrities and celebrity wannabes will go for attention. We love The Paranoyds’ style of “sharing the mic” between bandmates which keeps things fun and fresh, and “Hotel Celebrity” capitalizes on that style allowing each vocalist a chance to shine. 



The Antlers – It Is What It Is 

If you love listening to dark, moody indie music, then The AntlersIt Is What It Is” is the perfect song to put on when the sun starts setting way too early. In an interview with Pitchfork, songwriter Peter Silberman said the song was about “hindsight” and “consider[ing] what might have changed had you handled things differently back then, and the reluctant acceptance that it’s too late for all that now.” If you are down for that type of contemplation on a cold winter night, “It is What It Is” is the song for you. 




Florence Arman – Home

Home looks very different for most of us these days, and Florence Arman’s recent single certainly captures that feeling of displacement. Dealing with the ever-present question of what really makes up a home, her track “Home” tells a story about growing up and growing out of what one once considered home to be. Arman artfully considers the conflicting emotions of nostalgia and the desire for growth, mixing her lilting voice with a smooth and chill beat to create a thoroughly enjoyable song. 

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