Hailing from the spirit of Massachusetts that is Martha’s Vineyard, indie charmers Berry are sharing the sweetness of “Fragments”. High keys walk playfully ahead of a near manic disposition, spiraling down the cochlea and digging deep into the brain like a friendly babelfish. Though it stands in staggered contrast to “Civil Disobedience” –their previous release that initially teased the new record–it shares in outward sentiments of abstract thought. It takes a strange turn around the halfway mark, carrying an almost manic tune reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett era coupled with that on-the-surface innocence of Yo La Tengo. Needless to say, we’re very excited for this third record.

Everything Compromised is out January 12th via Joyful Noise.


On the new single, the band writes, “Fragments is a post-modern pop tune, with jarring shifts between melody and noise. You might call it a musical homage to T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” with its insinuation that our appetite for information threatens to devour our humanity.”