Bark Bark Disco

Caught somewhere between cold funk and electrocentric beats, Bark Bark Disco is projecting classic ties on this exclusive album stream. The Malta-based artists seem to have tapped into vintage wells with modern shovels on their latest record, Holy Smokes and have handled their findings with care. They’ve dusted off an old techniques like dinosaur bones and are sharing with a world that craves the past. Its deep grooves of love rise to the surface with lines of quirky sex. Think of The Fitness from the early aughts – straight synth and sample in seductive tone.

Of course it’s not all glitz and glamour. The band go down dark roads, but are prepared with flashlights and even a map. “Stop Making My Life Hell” and “No Reason To Keep Hate in Your Heart” take these turns, but don’t stray from the feel-good message they’ve already established. They present these tracks as a sort of reality check for those who get too comfortable. Such is life for those who listen closely but we’re not complaining. “Maybe Baby” shakes us back to a reality we can groove to as a love plea dances around a rapid-fire beat. It’s atmospheric, chilling and warm altogether. Stream below and enjoy.