Meet DWLLRS: California’s most underrated indie-pop duo

There are few musicians who can evoke such feelings of existentialism, wistfulness, and heartbreak in their songs, all whilst maintaining optimism for better days to come. But so…

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Class of 2020: Arlo Parks

The London poet/singer is the latest member of ATG's graduating class.

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If you stan 100 gecs, then listen to these artists

From obscure Soundcloud artists to viral TikTok hits, these are your glitchcore essentials.

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Class of 2020: Peach Tree Rascals

The Bay Area collective's hard work and DIY attitude is paying off in 2020.

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Why You Should Care About Kylie Jenner’s “WAP” Cameo

What happens when a musician’s intended message is different from the one their audience perceives?

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Why does everyone love to hate industry plants? 

Whenever a new artist breaks into the mainstream, people are quick to question whether their sudden rise-to-fame is actually organic.

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15 Artists Singing About Their Quarantine Blues

These musicians are transforming “pandemic” into a genre itself.

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Juice WRLD breaks down mental health stigmas on Legends Never Die

The rapper's legacy lives on through this posthumous album.

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25 Trans & Non-Binary Artists You Need to Know

Because Pride Month should be every day, we’ve curated a playlist of trans, non-binary and gender-fluid musicians for you to rock out to, no matter the time or place.

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25 Songs That Serve Big Cancer Season Energy

Our latest astrological playlist has got you covered this zodiac season.

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