50 Hispanic Artists You Need To Know

Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with these fifty songs sung by Latinx musicians across the globe. From psychedelic indie rock to experimental dream pop, there’s…

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50 Songs With Major Fall Vibes

From experimental Latin pop to eerie glitch-trap, these fifty songs will give you major Fall vibes all year round.

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These Are The Best TikTok Songs Right Now

TikTok has become the hub for emerging talent, with unknown musicians becoming internet superstars over night. In the past few months these are the best songs on TikTok that have…

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These 10 Videos Should Have Won An MTV Video Music Award

Here our favorite, most iconic music videos released this award cycle that should have won the VMAs:

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Class of 2020: Gus Dapperton

Everything about Gus Dapperton is fantastically surreal.

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Meet DWLLRS: California’s most underrated indie-pop duo

There are few musicians who can evoke such feelings of existentialism, wistfulness, and heartbreak in their songs, all whilst maintaining optimism for better days to come. But so…

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Class of 2020: Arlo Parks

The London poet/singer is the latest member of ATG's graduating class.

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If you stan 100 gecs, then listen to these artists

From obscure Soundcloud artists to viral TikTok hits, these are your glitchcore essentials.

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Class of 2020: Peach Tree Rascals

The Bay Area collective's hard work and DIY attitude is paying off in 2020.

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Why You Should Care About Kylie Jenner’s “WAP” Cameo

What happens when a musician’s intended message is different from the one their audience perceives?

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