Hip-Hop’s War For Independence

“The balance of power is too off, the gap between major label profit and artist profit too wide,” Kanye told Billboard, “and I will work to re-think the design of the entire way…

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It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health in Hip-Hop

As we remember Mac Miller two years after his early passing, it’s about time we examine the symptoms of mental health hidden within the bravado of hip-hop culture.

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The Best Hip Hop Songs Of The Summer, Ranked

From hard trap to pop-rap, here are 10 hip-hop tracks will revive that end of summer energy.

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The XXL Freshman Class of 2020, Ranked

Drop the judgement, break your boredom, and get ready to see who’s on the next ferry to fame.

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3 Essential Hip-Hop Releases You Might’ve Missed This Summer

The undisputed champions of New York City’s underground hip-hop scene have been silently at work this summer.

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If you stan Logic’s final album, listen to these songs next

To conclude a short yet sweet music career, Logic has released his sixth and final album No Pressure.

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9 Tracks For Your Midsummer Sunsets

We've made it to the dog days of summer.

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Westside Gunn is ushering in the rap renaissance

A creative renaissance man who follows his own heart to produce unadulterated art.

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Ric Wilson Is On The Brink Of Stardom

There’s a mysterious man from Chicago that they call “disco,” and that’s about the only label you can put on him.

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7 New Hip-Hop Tracks You Need to Know

Hip-hop artists around the country are speaking up and out with their music, continuing the fight for equality and justice. 

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