A (Virtual) Meet and Greet: This Year’s ATG Festival Performers

From HAIM to Cautious Clay, get to know the talented musicians performing at the 2021 All Things Go Music Festival

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The 10 DMV Rappers You Need To Know

Listen to the hottest hip-hop talent from around the Washington, D.C. area. We've curated a playlist of superstars, silent underground performers and artists on the brink of…

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Cross-country creativity during COVID-19: How Noah Toritto made a collaborative album in quarantine

It is truly incredible how these musicians managed to create such cohesive sound across such great distance. But Noah Torrito and his impressive friends found a way to work…

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MF Doom: Remembering Rap’s Self-Determined Supervillain

MF Doom was rap’s self-determined supervillain, someone who did not seek fame but rather focused on cultivating an uncompromised sound.

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4 Underrated Female Rappers You Need to Watch in 2021

These four fresh lyricists have been building their empires in the shadows for the past couple of years, and now they are ready to take over.

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Hip-Hop’s War For Independence

“The balance of power is too off, the gap between major label profit and artist profit too wide,” Kanye told Billboard, “and I will work to re-think the design of the entire way…

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It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health in Hip-Hop

As we remember Mac Miller two years after his early passing, it’s about time we examine the symptoms of mental health hidden within the bravado of hip-hop culture.

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The Best Hip Hop Songs Of The Summer, Ranked

From hard trap to pop-rap, here are 10 hip-hop tracks will revive that end of summer energy.

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The XXL Freshman Class of 2020, Ranked

Drop the judgement, break your boredom, and get ready to see who’s on the next ferry to fame.

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