On TikTok, anyone can go from aspiring musician to internet superstar overnight.

This is what happened to London-based pop singer and rapper Ashton Nicole Casey, better known as Ashnikko. The blue-haired, anime-inspired queen catapulted into the public eye after releasing her feminist banger “STUPID” (ft. Yung Tate), an upbeat break-up anthem about, as the song title suggests, getting over a stupid boy. Beginning in late September 2019, the song went viral on TikTok, attracting the attention of not just Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, but over 2.6 million other TikTokkers who used her song in their videos.


@ashnikkojust heard this cool/great/fun/new song by this cool/great/fun/new artist called ashnikko!!???!!! ash-knee-co???!!! ##foryou♬ STUPID (feat. Yung Baby Tate) – Ashnikko


Ashnikko’s career has only gone up from there. After getting recognition on TikTok, her song “STUPID” found a place on Spotify US and Global Viral song charts, amassing over 70 million streams, boosting her other songs along with it. “Working Bitch,” another one of her tracks, also found a home on TikTok where many women used the song’s lyrics to make fun of men who annoyingly hit on them, especially during inappropriate times such as work.


@laris_143I get off at 4! 😉 🤡 ##truestory ##hospitallife ##xraytech ##xyzbca ##imworkingbish ##essentialworker ##funny ##thishappend ##tiktok♬ original sound – kaybay.bay


Just like these TikTokkers, Ashnikko isn’t afraid to criticize men for their sexist behavior. Unapologetically feminist, most of her lyrics revolve around female empowerment, standing up for yourself, and knowing your self-worth. In other words, being a boss ass bitch. For instance, in her song “Hi, It’s Me,” Ashnikko reminds her fans that their toxic exes are not worth it. In her song “Invitation,” she sings about her experience with sexual assault, a horrible experience many women unfortunately face in their lives. 

Similarly, in her older songs, such as the 2018 song “Nice Girl,” she raps “He says he wants a nice girl / I’m that fuck up your life girl.” On 2017’s “Sass Pancakes,” she denounces the word slut, reclaiming it with the lyrics “You throw out that slut word, that’s so old news / You boys are easier to use than my Velcro shoes.” 

This kind of energy finds its way into her social media, where she is very vocal about intersectional feminism, institutional racism and the importance of white allyship, especially amidst George Floyd’s death.

“The USA was built on white supremacy and continues to be run on white supremacy. This shit needs to burn to the ground,” Ashnikko tweeted on May 29, in reference to George Floyd’s death.



A few days later she added “reminder that if your feminism isn’t intersectional you suck!!!” with a quick follow-up, “transphobia is gross!!!”



It’s rare to find a celebrity, let alone an up-and-coming one, that’s so open about dismantling racist and sexist systems of oppression. What makes Ashnikko an even more interesting artist, and what likely helped her succeed on TikTok — a meme-thirsty platform — is her incorporation of comedy into these societal critiques. 

Humor has always been an important part of Ashnikko’s identity and brand. From getting her pubic hair waxed on camera to promote her song “Tantrum,” to making men hold her floor length, blue pigtails as she struts down the red carpet, she isn’t afraid to be seen as “meme.” If anything, she embraces the label. 

As a child, she would regularly get in trouble at school for writing dirty poems about teachers. That raunchy sense of humor now finds its way into songs like “Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice,” where she sings “pumpkin spice my pussy baby / happy halloween / I don’t need a costume / ‘cause I’m already a freak,” as well as later songs like “Manners,” where she sings songs raps bars like “I’m a weird bitch, suck my toes” and “Fat pussy like Santa.” Clearly, the fame hasn’t changed her. Even after TikTok virality, Ashnikko remains the same woman she always has been—hilariously vulgar and unabashedly willing to speak her mind.

But don’t just trust my word for this. Check out her music below, including her new song “Cry” featuring Grimes:


Ashnikko and Chill Tracklisting

Cry (Ft. Grimes)
STUPID (Ft. Yung Baby Tate)
Working Bitch
Fuck Me In Shibuya
Hi, It’s Me
Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice
Invitation (Ft. Kodie Shane)
No Brainer