Photo credit: Charlotte Chanler

Slothrust‘s Leah Wellbaum has been working on a side project these past few months with fellow vocalist/drummer Mickey Vershbow under the name ANMLPLNET and we’ve got a taste of what they’ve been up to. Those familiar with the former and who have caught a show know that Leah not only has a thing for covers, but has a way of crushing them. In great homage to contemporary legend Lana Del Rey, the duo have covered “Ride”, the hauntingly introspective cut from her third EP, Paradise. The duo keep it clean and close to the classic but opt out of the classic soul backtrack in favor of their own. Fuzz-kissed strums replace the orchestra and bring in soft-sung harmonies before a signature rise of the dB’s. Lyrically, “Ride” fits the bill perfectly. These anguished lines of mental strain that dance the line of breakdown and perseverance sit well with Leah, whose writing reflects light from even the darkest patches of the psyche, like Hubble’s mirror with the Universe. Listen below.

ANMLPLNET’s forthcoming debut, Fall Asleep, is out April 20th via Ba Da Bing. Stay tuned.