Andy Cook

Caught somewhere between twee-twinged indie vibes and the classic songwriting style of Americana, Andy Cook‘s “Red Lights” actually extends to listeners across the spectrum. That’s not to say he’s caught up in the past, however, as the kindred tunes tend to be with heavy accents. Andy’s soft but assured vocals are backed by a voice almost standing in as our own subconscious and sweetly layered with loft plucks and bubbly synth to taste. Listen below.

Andy Cook’s forthcoming EP, Modern Man is out April 13th via Good Eye Records.

On the new single, Andy writes, “I wrote ‘Red Lights’ after a Prince tribute party outside First Avenue in Minneapolis last spring. It’s from the perspective of someone who’s the life of the party at night—like many of the people there that night—and wondering if their friends are still for real in the morning. Like the rest of the album, the song is sorting out identity and connection, as an introspective lyrical idea sitting on top of more expressive musical sounds.”