amine redmercedes

Assimilation is the notion of shedding one’s identity in order to fit a preexisting dominant one. Now before I watched the new Aminé video for “REDMERCEDES,” I was really thinking of that word in terms of cultural and racial assimilation. Black people pretending to be white whatever that means, or foreign people pretending to be Americans in order to shed a nationality or ethnicity they were born and raised with.


The video, however, directed by Adam Aminé Daniel himself, reminds us that its also about class assimilation. To be white is to be well-off, to be wearing the pastel polos and sweaters. It’s to be a person of no origin. Equally it’s a song about the american dream as enumerated by the car of class, the social one and capital one, the Mercedes Benz. The song is about this pristine ideal of a car, of a life, of pleasure and perfection.