HAIM - All Things Go Headliner


First on the lineup is HAIM, a talented trio of sisters known for their musical range. They can stun audiences with both fiery rock and gentle pop. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, they grew up performing for their parents’ cover band, Rockinhaim, and have been known to draw upon their extensive catalogue at live performances. Whether playing their three studio albums, hits from past decades, or good ol’ rock and roll, they promise an electric performance and entertaining night on stage. 




St. Vincent - All Things Go Headliner

St. Vincent

The holiest of our festival artists, St. Vincent is an eclectic musical mastermind. Her style is inspired by grunge rock, derived from indie rock, supported with an electronic flair, and defined by the most angelic voice. She recently released her sixth solo album, Daddy’s Home, to much critical acclaim. It is filled with emotional grooves and the same swinging grace that has won her numerous musical awards. St. Vincent will be a must-see performance at the festival; make sure to book tickets for her retro razzle-dazzle. 




Charli XCX - All Things Go Headliner

Charli XCX

She’s soon to be your favorite british pop-star (if she isn’t already), and she’s crossing the pond just for you. Charli XCX’s energizing hits can make you dance, sing, and even scream. What else could you ask for at the All Things Go Music Festival? Her unique electro-pop-punk sound calls every listener’s body to action, and her stage presence is sure to make any audience hype. Charli has also been teasing a new album on Tik Tok and Twitter throughout the Spring, pointing towards the possibility of fresh new music. However, no matter what Charli XCX brings to the festival, it’s sure to rev you up. 




Lauv - All Things Go Headliner


This one is for the lovestruck and the lonely. Lauv is a passionate pop and R&B performer that is sure to tug at each and every heartstring. Most well-known for his sensational 2018 hit, “I Like me Better,” Lauv has since grown to international stardom and amassed billions of plays on streaming platforms. Lauv is also an advocate for the eradication of mental health stigma. One can feel his honesty and kindness radiate over synth chords, feeling as if his comfort is standing near-by. If you need to share some communal catharsis, shed some happy tears at Lauv’s performance. 


HAIM - All Things Go Headliner

girl in red

Whether up on stage or in the crowd, girl in red is an icon. The Norweigan indie popstar rose to online fame at the age of 18 and has only grown since. She is an incredibly gifted guitarist and vocalist who refuses to shy away from powerful feelings. Praised by numerous outlets for her crafty musicianship and phenomenal personality as she openly represents the queer community with which she identifies. With her recent release, if i could make it go quiet, adding to her already impressive resumé, be sure to find the girl in red at the All Things Go Music Festival.




Cautious Clay - All Things Go Headliner

Cautious Clay

Not that we play favorites, but Cautious Clay is one of All Things Go’s most honored guests. The former George Washington University student has featured on our Hypeline playlist for many weeks, displaying his popularity with editors and audiences alike. Clay also recently released his debut studio album, Deadpan Love, to critical acclaim. The album defines Clay’s versatile style, which combines an R&B aura with jazz melodies and quirky lyrics. His smooth, swift voice is the kind to make you swing all night long, so don’t miss this opportunity to move your hips. 




Beach Bunny - All Things Go Headliner

Beach Bunny

With a punk spirit, emo attitude, and powerful indie punch, Beach Bunny deserves the speaker on full blast. The Chicago-based band is led by singer Lili Trifilo, who personifies the rebel spirit of the group. They grew to notoriety with their 2020 debut album, Honeymoon, featuring loud, electric ballads of struggle and sadness. Beach Bunny’s music hinges on the aggressive musical catharsis that can be shared between actor and audience. If you need to scream, shout, and dance it all out, Beach Bunny’s set is the place to be. 





Soccer Mommy - All Things Go Headliner

Soccer Mommy

No minivan, no orange slices, just vibes: Soccer Mommy is in a league of her own. The 24-year-old Nashville artist swoons listeners with charismatic chords and effortless vocals. Soccer Mommy is also a confident performer, having toured with Mitski, Foster the People, and Paramore, and even a Bernie Sanders rally in 2020. No matter her political stance, it takes a certain talent to inspire a crowd and prepare them for subsequent acts. Riding the wave of her outstanding 2020 album, Color Theory, Soccer Mommy will fuel your festival day. 




Gus Dapperton - All Things Go Headliner

Gus Dapperton

It’s Saturday, October 16th. From the bustling crowd, you gaze upon the hazy stage to see a fashionable man stroll on stage. Donning a dyed-green bowl cut, the mysterious man begins to play. A dreamy, serendipitous pop ballad bellows over the speaker. It hits your soul, and you can’t help but dance to the gentle jam. This is what to expect from Gus Dapperton, the 24-year-old popstar whose visual aesthetic is nearly as iconic as his music. Ranked #1 on our Best Songs of 2020 playlist, Gus Dapperton’s recent album, Orca, is a tangy twist of synth, guitar, and impassioned lyrics that has drawn much attention to the rising star. As both a character and icon, Dapperton’s performance is sure to feel like a dream–one that you will never forget. 




Tai Verdes - All Things Go Headliner 

Tai Verdes

Be happy Tai Verdes on stage, because otherwise he might be blocking your view. The 6’7” TikTok sensation is an optimistic spirit with a heart almost as big as his stylish afro. His contagious energy radiates from songs like “Drugs” and “AOK”, both of which featured on his May 2020 album, TV. Verdes’ rise to fame has not been a smooth one, however. Originally a college basketball player, he released a slough of singles before getting lucky on TikTok with “Stuck in the Middle,” a pop anthem for lost love. However, whether singing for that special someone or cheering up the crowd with his wide grin, Tai Verdes will infect you with his vigor for life. 






Role Model - All Things Go Headliner

Role Model 

If you aspire to make wistful bedroom pop, sing about relatable struggles with mental health, and release emotional EPs, Role Model might be your, well, role model. The 24-year-old from Portland, Maine, has emerged as a voice for Gen-Z, championing a certain quirky woefulness. Role Model, inspired by the 2008 film Role Models, can evoke both a melancholic nostalgia and energizing excitement for novelty through his lowkey electric pop. On stage, he’s sure to stir your soul and play your heart beat, book tickets to vibe out with Role Model. 






Blu DeTiger - All Things Go Headliner

Blu DeTiger

If you aren’t sold by her name alone, Blu DeTiger will stun you with her groove and gifted artistry. She’s a bassist by trade, and that talent defines her oddly soothing funk style. DeTiger gained much of her fame through Tik Tok, where users recognized and uplifted her as an up-and-coming popstar. After gaining this newfound fanbase during quarantine, Blu released her first album, How Did We Get Here?, in March of 2021. With online momentum and youthful motivation, Blu DeTiger promises a fantastic–and funky–set. 






Tkay Maidza - All Things Go Headliner

Tkay Maizda

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Australia, Tkay Maizda is here to share her international wisdom. The 25-year-old artist already has a handful of EPs and one album to boast, but she’s scheduled to release the last piece of her “Last Year was Weird” project on July 9th. Her music tends to feature driving drum lines and a myriad of crazy melodies. On top of it all, Maizda’s confident, lyrical vocals are there to solidify each unstoppable song. To listen, learn, and fall in love with Tkay Maizda’s versatile viciousness, catch her performing at the All Things Go Music Festival.







Del Water Gap - All Things Go Headliner

Del Water Gap

Del Water Gap is as beautiful of a musician as the Delaware Water Gap is a place. Taking his namesake from the park located on the Pennsylvania & Jersey border, Holden Jaffe is the true mastermind behind the soft indie sound. Jaffe used to work with known popstar Maggie Rogers, but now leads his solo career by listening to his heart. His recent single, “Hurting Kind” is a twisting electronic anthem, proving Jaffe follows his inspiration to be dynamic and versatile. The New York City musician will be rocking at the festival, and we can’t wait to vibe out to Del Water Gap’s sweet riffs. 






Jelani Aryeh - All Things Go Headliner

Jelani Aryeh

From Soundcloud to the stage, Jelani Aryeh continues his rise to power with a feature at this year’s festival. The Southern California artist boasts an eclectic style drawing from indie, alternative, and R&B music. He is also known to be a force for positivity, encouraging fans and festival-goers to follow their dreams and desires. With the success of his single, “Stella Brown,” Aryeh is on the brink of breakout. See him before this star ascends any higher at the All Things Go Music Festival. 







Isaac Dunbar - All Things Go Headliner

Isaac Dunbar

Inspired by Lady Gaga and the electropop power movement of the early 2010s, Isaac Dunbar champions a light pop style that is laced with heavy EDM and aggressive synths. His music is perfect for a crowd in need for catharsis, breaking calm verses with loud catchy choruses. The 18-year-old artist first blew up in 2017 with his song, “pharmacy,” and has now broken one million monthly listeners on Spotify with his newest album, evil twin. The youngest performer at the festival, Isaac Dunbar is sure to provide your Gen-Z pop fix.