“This song sounded like it was recorded on a burnt microwavable dinner.”

“This song sounds like what you imagined an energy drink was when you were like 10.”

 “This song sounds like eating 10 packs of PopRocks then chugging a bottle of Elmer’s glue.”

These are just a few of the ways fans have attempted to describe the sound of experimental music duo 100 gecs’ most famous song, “money machine.” 



Maybe you’ve already heard of 100 gecs — and if you haven’t, here’s the rundown. Composed of Lauren Les and Dylan Brady, the duo first met in suburbs of their hometown St. Louis, Missouri at a house party in 2012. Since then, they have risen to fame for their debut album 1000 gecs that features ten otherworldly tracks, each one with its own extraordinarily unique sound that pushes music tropes to the extreme.

Knowing no limits, Lauren and Dylan meld aggressive beat drops, overproduced synthesizers, saccharine hyperpop choruses into a one-of-a-kind sound that’s simultaneously disruptive and pleasant to the ear. And while many people have questioned the “seriousness” of 100 gecs sound, the duo have made it clear: this isn’t just some grandeur joke. They’re here to shake up the music industry for good.

“People think that we’ve staked our entire career on the fact that we can be ironic really well,” Laura Les said in an interview with NME. “I’m like: ‘Nobody can do that!’ Who’s a parody artist who makes music similar to ours? You’d be hard-pressed [to find one]. We’re not joking all the time… sometimes. A little bit. We’re having fun — we’re not fucking being ironic.”

But 100 gecs is so much more than fun. 100 gecs is also a movement — a revolution — the pioneer of a new genre unlike any before. And that genre, whether we want to call it “glitchcore” or something else down the road, is here to stay. 

So whether you stan 100 gecs as much as us — or are even just vaguely curious about their sound — we’ve compiled a playlist of essential glitchcore songs just for you. Ranging from obscure Soundcloud artists to viral TikTok hits, keep reading to learn about our favorite tracks.


If you stan 100 gecs, listen to cmten

Cmten & Glitch Gum – “NEVER MET!”

When Cmten put out his first song in April 2018, he didn’t want anyone to know it was him. Now two years later, still working from his bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah, his collaborative track “NEVER MET!” is a viral hit, all thanks to TikTok. For such a meme-friendly platform, the song’s popularity makes sense — after all, it sounds very much like a deep-fried meme itself. A gritty, heavily-autotuned banger, “NEVER MET!” is dripping in self-aware satire. It goes from self-deprecating lines like “ Remember when I called you my Barbie, and I was Ken / That was like the cringiest thing that I’ve ever said” to relatablely emo verses like “I wish I never responded to all those texts / It’d be better if we had just never met” in a blink of an eye. 





If you stan 100 gecs, listen to madge music

Madge – “Ethanol”

Madge is the experimental-pop project of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Cat Leavy. Best described as genre-bending “witchcraft,” their track “Ethanol” melding crushed whispery-glitch vocals, gritty synth textures and disjointed industrial beat into a chaotic, occultish sound. Interestingly, when asked about the track, Madge explained in a press release that it was about “inherited trauma as compulsive self-description,” adding that, “For every garbage fire I put out in my brain, I find myself dumping gasoline on another. I find myself wondering if I just accept this state of things.”






POPSTARBILLS, fuckjugo & alice gas – “BAGGY SAID RUNTZ!!” 

“BAGGY SAID RUNTZ!!” is a playful glitch-trap collaboration between POPSTARBILLS, fuckjugo, and Alice Gas. With the rhythm of a mid-late 2000s Soundcloud emo rap song, and the chaotic electronic-energy of an early 2000s hardcore raver track, this track feels like a portal to another dimension, giving a glimpse into what may be the future of Soundcloud music. In an exclusive interview with ATG, POPSTARBILLS reveals the meaning behind the song: “It’s about how people get finessed when they get sold mid weed in an upscale baggy like a runtz brand baggy. Runtz has kind of become a meme so we thought it was fitting.” 





new sylveon

New Sylveon – “Estrogen” 

New Sylveon’s internet presence is a bit of a mystery, but don’t be fooled by their seemingly-obscure persona. Every single one of their songs deserves the hype. Born and raised in Moscow, “Estrogen” (like most of their tracks) is sung completely in Russian. This track combines hyper-processed vocals, heavy-industrial beats and sonic glitches into an eerily-hype sound that takes glitchcore to another level. A few have gone so far as to call New Sylveon the “Russian 100 gecs,” but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.





jazmin bean

Jazmin Bean – “War Zone Urchin”

Jazmin Bean is a British musician, makeup artist, and fashion icon. Pushing the boundaries of mainstream music, they blend elements of glitch, heavy metal and pop music into their tracks. But they don’t stop there. Jazmin also pushes the boundaries of the fashion and beauty industry with their terrifying cute aesthetic, describing their look as a “genderless monster.” “A lot needs to change [in the world], and loud art is the best way to do it,” Jazmin explains.  And her song “War Zone Urchin” demands that change: one moment chill and dreamy, the next aggressively glitchy, embodying the paradoxes of Jazmin’s world.





xix music

XIX – “Kismet”

XIX is a glitchcore duo composed of Alex Calderon (“Yung Skayda”) and Kareem Patterson (“Karm the Tool”). Their song “Kismet,” which was written by Alex during his Amazon warehouse job shift, is a lively mash-up of trap, glitch and screamo. Despite its unconventional sound, this song has found a home on TikTok, with top creators like Hype House member Charli Dimalio using the song in their videos. In an interview with Rolling Stone, XIX explains that this virality was, at least to a certain extent, purposely engineered. “I wanted to mix a healthy thing and an unhealthy thing that was unconventional,” explains Calderon. “I knew from what I saw on TikTok that [that line — “molly rocks in my green tea”] might be something that would pop off,” Patterson recalls. And boy, was he right.




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If You Stan 100 Gecs… Tracklisting

100 gecs – money machine
Madge – Ethanol
IC3PEAK – The World Is Sick
Shygirl – BB
Grimes – Darkseid
JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
Aphex Twin – 54 Cymru Beats
Wido – push it !
Lil Soda Boi – Plug Me In
Charli XCX – Track 10
SOPHIE – Immaterial
100 gecs – ringtone
Alice Glass – Forgiveness
Kevinhilfiger – #flashbang OMFG
Sg Lily & With3r – All
Jazmin Bean – War Zone Urchin
Venetian Snares – Vida
Sheena Ringo & Yasutaka Nakata – 熱愛発覚中
glaive – astrid
Dorian Electra – Live By The Sword
SEBii & Maple – Play Poker Remix – Remix
Buffalobang & Sg Lily – tough evening
Cmten & Glitch Gum – NEVER MET!
2worth – ¡!gu4na:D////:>_<^^
Glitch Gum – Do U Think Abt Me??
Hinoni – Pretty Rave Girl
recovery girl & galen tipton – lets go bitch
Fraxiom – scawy monstews and nice spwites :3
New Sylveon – Estrogen
XIX – Kismet
Senses & Oaf1 – Cold
Alice Longyu Gao – Karma Is A Witch
blackwinterbells – IRIS
Charli XCX – claws
Alice Longyu Gao – Rich Bitch Juice (Laura Les Remix)
Chieko – Your body (MACROSS 82-99 Remix)
underscores – TELEPHONE LINE 415
saturn & p4rkr – Days
645AR – Yoga
100 gecs – hand crushed by a mallet
3l3d3p – Ibitbt
d0llywood1 – ihavefinallyhitrockbottom
James Blake – Sparing the Horses