The funny thing that no one really tells you about your college semester abroad is that it’s basically a 6-month long vacation. True, it’s one that my parents are paying $50,000 for, but when else in your life can you drink a mug of whisky at 2pm wearing only a duvet cover or have one-night stands with names like Thibaud, Axel, and Kristofferson in the twin sized bunk bed you share with a chaste Japanese student without any serious repercussions? Um…never. Moral? If you have the chance, stay on vacation for as long as possible.

ATG SXSW Superstars Vacationer gets the importance of a good hiatus, and they’ve dropped two new sun-soaked tracks in preparation for their full-length debut album Gone, due out March 20th on Downtown Records, just in time for the dawn of the this-is-why-we-save-up-sick-days weather. Sunny, poppy, beachy, and relaxing to the maxing, Vacationer’s “Dreamlike” (complete with new video!) and “Summer End” are enough to perpetuate this false illusion I’m living under that this vacation, and my bank account, will last forever.

STREAM: Vacationer – “Summer End”

STREAM: Vacationer – “Dreamlike”