| March 20, 2012
The Spinto Band – Take It

While members of The Spinto Band do not appear in this video for “Take It”, the first single off their Shy Pursuit LP, four adorable kids do. The familiar childhood games and playground rivalries here are enough to make anyone nostalgic for the good ol’ days of recess and homeroom. The video displays some dramatic combat of the board-game variety, and — spoiler alert — the underdog wins in spectacular fashion. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this absurd video was directed by Eric Notarnicola and Daniel Gray Longino, who also work as editors for the comedic television masterpiece Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Next time you find yourself in the mood for some passive-aggressive vengeance, may this song be your battle cry. Shy Pursuit comes out May 1st via the band’s own label, Spintonic Productions.

STREAM: The Spinto Band – “Take It”