Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has a bug for collaborations, which is evident from his work with artists varying from Peter Gabriel to Kanye West. Now he’s gotten together with Brain Moen (Peter Wolf Crier) and Phil Cook (Megafaun) to write some good ol’ blues rock as The Shouting Matches. Though the group’s debut record, Grownass Man, still features delicate, pretty songs like “I Need A Change” and the Bon-Iverish “Gallup, NM,” it’s tracks like the lazily rocking “New Theme” that are the heart of the record. The tune is light and easygoing with drums and keys enough for mid-afternoon toe-tapping and swaying in the summertime shade. The group’s Coachella set (up on YouTube in three parts) clearly demonstrates the new aesthetic as the trio lays down some smooth riffs under a pavilion in what looks to be uncomfortable heat. It’s a record that plays best with the sun high in the sky, and a cold drink in your hand.