Few things are as filled with longing as a young heart. Few things burn hotter or faster than young love. The video for “Simple Kids”, from U.K. five-piece Story Books, is shot in muted colors, faded like an old memory. As a soft, creaky vocal reminisces about a former relationship we see a character on screen revisiting old haunts filled with ghosts of a past girlfriend. He goes to a party and remembers when he was there with her. He treks to a bar and sees her face. We hear the chorus, “Stay close to your troubles, don’t let them interfere/ With your sense of wonder till it disappears” as we see the young couple barreling through nights of laughter and unrestrained joy, and though this story eventually ends in tears we know that each sorrowful one was worth it. Each bit of sadness was bought with a moment of delight. And, in the end, there’s always another story waiting to be lived.

Story Books’ Too Much A Hunter EP comes out April 29th via Communion.

STREAM: Story Books – “Simple Kids”