Sleeper Agent

The six members of Sleeper Agent are taking on giants with their cover of Blondie’s classic “One Way Or Another.” What do you do when standing toe-to-toe with Debbie Harry on her home turf? You pick up the pace, kick up the fuzz and wail your hearts out. Harry’s powerful, razor-sharp vocals are replaced here by Alex Kandel’s snarling yowl while the group fills in behind with filthy guitar licks and frenetic drums beats. It’s not measured and commanding like Blondie’s original tune, but instead is straight up, in-your-face and absolutely uncontrollable.

Sleeper Agent are heading into the studio this year to record the follow up to their 2011 debut, Celabrasion.

STREAM: Sleeper Agent – “One Way Or Another (Blondie Cover)”