| June 21, 2012
Purity Ring – Fineshrine

At the rate Purity Ring has been dropping incredible singles off their upcoming debut album, Shrines, it’s hard to imagine what they’ve got left for its release on July 24th. Nevertheless, their consistency and depth continue to amaze me. Yesterday the band gave us another sneak peek¬†with “Fineshrine,” the third single released off Shrines in as many months. “Fineshrine” is undoubtedly the strongest of those, and could even dethrone “Ungirthed” as the best track they have released to date. Though the song has a much sunnier disposition than we’re used to, Megan James won’t let you get too comfortable; “Fineshrine” is rife with graphic lyrics that should keep things sufficiently weird. Corin Roddick’s swirling vocal samples, stretched high and low, are more coherently phrased, creating an easier listening experience than the disassociating production that previously shocked and amazed us. Shrines hits shelves July 24th via 4AD.

MP3: ¬†Purity Ring – “Fineshrine