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How many times in your life have you wished for a “sexier James Blake merged with a downtempo Justin Timberlake?” That’s how Chicago newcomers Broken Luxury describe their sound; one listen to “Fast & Far” and you’ll learn this description is more than mere fantasy.

The duo consists of Josh Reynolds and Zach Golden, who first met at Berklee College of Music in 2007. There, after helping one another record solo material, they realized quickly that a collaboration was in order and found that their talents combined into something way more special than the sum of its parts. Despite the fact that Golden’s move to New York left Broken Luxury fractured and living 800 miles away from each other, the pair still put together a cohesive album, developing the songs over email and recording the self-titled release in just one week.

The band explains their musical chemistry as “if Golden’s sounds are a maze, Reynold’s voice is what leads listeners through.” If there is a labyrinthian quality to their music, it’s certainly a labyrinth I wouldn’t mind getting lost in. You could wander for hours in the smooth, visceral sound of “Fast & Far” — it’s being in like a lazy river filled with iced coffee.

DOWNLOAD: Broken Luxury – “Fast & Far” [PREMIERE]