| September 27, 2013
Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air (Ft. Purity Ring)

Three paths converge in a deciduous forest: that of a plaid-clad truck driver, the doe (a deer) he recently recently hit with his truck, and a skinny-dipping doe he’d really like to slay. At first glance unrelated, these three story lines that make up the video for Jon Hopkins & Purity Ring collab “Breathe This Air” ultimately converge in one climactic, defining moment. As any good music video ought, the Anthony Dickenson-directed film closely mirrors its auditory component, combining the EDM-based Hopkins’s danceability with Megan James’s ethereality, a fusion that is at once disruptive and soothing, and slightly NSFW.

This is far from Hopkins and Purity Ring’s first meeting of minds: Hopkins recently remixed the song, “Amenamy,” off of Purity Ring’s Shrines, and they spent much of August performing together in LA. The creative symbiosis and mutual respect the artists feel for each other is tangible, resulting in an unexpected but welcome overlapping of talents.

Check out the rest of Hopkins’s June-released Immunity and watch the video above…just not in front of your boss/mom/kids.

STREAM: Jon Hopkins – “Breathe This Air (Ft. Purity Ring)”