| April 6, 2012
JJAMZ – Never Enough

Finding a good mix of musicians whose musical (if not personal) chemistry works just right is like digging through a giant pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces to find the few that match up perfectly, and then hoping that the final image they form is something beautiful. For JJAMZ to take already established members from Bright Eyes/Rilo Kiley (Jason Boesel), Phantom Planet (Alex Greenwald), Maroon 5 (James Valentine), the Like (Z Berg) and mix them with solo artist Michael Runion to create a final picture that seamlessly fits and sounds nothing like their other work is impressive.

The first single, “Never Enough,” from their upcoming album Suicide Pact is an energetic piece of storytelling that the video matches stride for stride. It’s a love story whose youthful, irrepressible beginning is shot in sunny snapshots that expertly capture the exhilarating passion that comes with new relationships. Brie Larson gleefully tries to keep up with lead singer Berg’s reckless abandon and, for a while, succeeds. As she feels invincible so do we, driving in the So-Cal sun, playing in the surf, and popping off a few rounds from a shotgun. “The chaos, the madness, we couldn’t be touched.”

This can’t be sustained, however, and as the song gets darker and sadder, so does the video. The people that are dazzling are so often uncontainable and we see Larson dealing with the realization that, while she was distracting and fun for a while, she was never enough.

STREAM: JJAMZ – “Never Enough”

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