The wave of new talent coming out of Birmingham’s Btown scene seems neverending, especially with the recent formation of indie-rock outfit Dumb. The foursome have already gained the approval of Brit-pop royalty by signing to Jon Brookes’ (The Charlatans) label One Beat Records. It’s fitting given the style of Dumb’s music — 90’s garage rock revival with lashings of reverberation and droning vocals. Early signs are good, with airplay of their latest single “Retina” on a multitude of radio stations including BBC Radio 1.

“Retina” is a mature release given their age (all band members are still under 20 years old) and feels cut from the same cloth as Pixies. The video’s set against the grungy city skyline on a rooftop in Digbeth, known locally as the Dalston of Birmingham. It’s a creative hub and placing a band atop it makes a very bold statement about their intentions on the scene. Watch it above.

STREAM: Dumb – “Retina”