| November 7, 2011
Interview: The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet is Chicago DJs Aaron Brink (ABX) and Steve Reidell (STV) who’ve single handedly created/redefined/perfected the mash-up genre. In fact, if you searched “mash-ups” on Urban Dictionary it would come up with “The Hood Internet”.¬†Actually I don’t know that but that’s what it should say. ABX and STV have a knack for seamlessly combining songs from some of the biggest artists in indie and hip hop to create a completely new sound that sometimes is arguably better than both of the two individual tracks. Ratatat’s “Wildcat” with Michael Jackson’s “Bille Jean”?’ VEGA’s “No Reasons” overlaid with Amanda Blank? Yeah. Magic happens sometimes.

I had the chance to chat with STV in high anticipation for their set at ALL THINGS GOLD 004 next Thursday at U Street Music Hall. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

MP3:¬†The Hood Internet – “Boss Tide (Meek Mill vs Beirut)”
MP3:¬†The Hood Internet – ” No Reasons To Like You Better (Amanda Blank x VEGA)”

Fancy Nancy: How did the concept for The Hood Internet come about?

Steve Reidell (STV): It wasn’t highly conceptualized in advance. We were hearing an influx of mashup/bootleg jams on the Real Internet, and decided we’d make our own colllection of them.

FN: Do you think hosting all of your stuff on your own blog helped you in your success?

STV: Having all the tracks available for free in a continuous stream is sort of the way people consume media on the Real Internet, so it seemed like the right way to go.

FN: Tell me about your creative process. How do you select the tracks put together?

STV: We get this question in almost every interview, so as of right now, I’m officially making a standard-issue response that I will refer any future instance of this question to: “50% Inspiration, 50% Trial & Error.”

FN: Some of your mashups are two tracks while others are three track multi-mashups. Is this deliberate? What’s the thought process behind this?

STV: No real thought process behind how many different things go into a track, though we generally approach it using two major elements.

FN: What’s one of your favorite mashups that you’ve done?

STV: I’m still partial to the R. Kelly & Broken Social Scene “Flirt/Shoreline” jam that ABX did in 2007.

FN: When yall are on tour, how does your set vary? Do you tailor it to the crowd, venue or city?

STV: We always try to tailor things to the crowd (without taking requests). Sometimes it depends on the other people that are playing that night. And when applicable we try to sneak in musical shout-outs to a city. San Fran is probably the only city I’ve ever played our Hieroglyphics x Genesis track. Maybe in DC we’ll have to drop our Amerie x The Dismemberment Plan jam.

FN: What’s the favorite show/festival you’ve played and why?

STV: Lollapalooza 2009 still feels pretty legendary to us.

FN: What’s next for you guys?

STV: We’re compiling all the remix and production work we’ve done so far, that will all be out next month via Mishka. We got a project right now with Isaiah Toothtaker that is pretty cool but I’m not gonna say too much about it right now. And then next year we have a Hood Internet-produced LP coming out of completely new songs, no samples, with original contributions from a handful of different guests.

FN: If you weren’t djs/producers, what would you be doing?

STV: ABX would be a karate instructor and STV SLV would be a typography enthusiast

FN: Finally, Madonna or Cher?

STV: Taylor Dayne

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