Greyjoy is a stellar dreampop band from the Western Australian city of Perth, whose debut single “Idle Thoughts” remains one of our favorite tracks of the year. “Idle Thoughts” is one of those rare songs where you’re not entirely sure how it was made – which instruments are live, which are sampled, what’s a loop – but everything sounds just right and the final product is something new and wonderful.

New track “Distance” is another songwriting and production tour de force marked by some of the same 90s folk- and psych-rock influences (think Madchester and bands like The Stone Roses) that appeared on “Idle Thoughts” and that render the “dreampop” label a bit too restrictive for this band. Far from hopping on the latest trend, Greyjoy are charting new musical territory with their gorgeous vocals, haunting melodies and innovative sound engineering. While it’s tempting to lump them in with other Aussie indie acts that effortlessly combine electronic and acoustic elements – Cut Copy, Miami Horror, Empire of the Sun, Strange Talk, Gold Fields – they’re doing something unique and awesome and we love it.

Greyjoy’s self-titled debut EP will be released July 23rd.

STREAM: Greyjoy – “Distance”