There’s too much savory synth-pop wafting over from the land of Oz these days to even keep straight. It feels like indie dance music in Australia is burgeoning into a cottage industry akin to late 90s French filter house. Hi-NRG synth leads, kinetic disco drumming and waves of delay-drenched guitar are the order of the day down under. That being said, we have a special soft spot for Gold Fields, who brought their energetic live show to U Hall for the December installment of All Things Gold. These Ballaratian balladeers recently traded remixes with fellow Astralwerks signee Diamond Rings, who put a clubby sheen on their upbeat anthem “Dark Again.” Diamond Rings’ remix strikes a subtle balance between dancefloor energy and cosmic disco ambience. Like other Aussie synthpop we’ve heard recently, the track has a sort of amped up Rick Astley vibe – most assuredly not for everyone, but we’re not mad at it.

STREAM: Gold Fields – “Dark Again (Diamond Rings Remix)”