Wolf Alice – Storms

wolf alice storms

Wolf Alice follow up this month’s ferocious “Moaning Lisa Smile” with another gut-punch of a track: “Storms.” While the latest from the London grunge-pop champions is less about balls-to-the-wall power chords than its predecessor, it more than makes up for those with a barrage of sonic guitar. And as always, Ellie Roswell’s hypnotic vocals are front and center. Give “Storms” a listen below and stay tuned for Wolf Alice’s Creature Songs EP, out May 26th via Dirty Hit.

STREAM: Wolf Alice – “Storms”

Wolf Gang – Black River

wolf gang black river

It seems like forever since we last heard from Wolf Gang. Their debut full-length Suego Faults proved to be a transatlantic success after its 2011 release thanks to a cornucopia of hits like “Lions In Cages,” “The King And All Of His Men” and “Dancing With The Devil.” The London foursome is poised to keep things going in 2014 with a brand new EP: Black River. It isn’t due out until April 29th, but to get you all ready the band has dropped the release’s title track. With the assistance of UK producer Floods (U2, Nine Inch Nails), “Black River” shows that Wolf Gang haven’t missed a step when it comes to explosive, anthemic indie rock. Give it a listen below.

STREAM: Wolf Gang – “Black River”

Introducing: Benjamin Booker

I first met Benjamin Booker a couple years ago when a New Orleans publication asked me to interview a new musician who just showed up in town. No one knew anything about him except that he was from Florida and he’d recorded a few songs on his sister’s laptop. The editor who assigned it to me sent me one black-and-white photo of a kid descending a set of stairs into a cellar…and one song — a grainy mp3 of “Have You Seen My Son?” I listened to the song. I listened again. I couldn’t believe it. For every 100 times an editor sends you a song of some no-name artist, you’ll find one gem. This wasn’t just a gem. This was a real voice. A fully-formed voice.


9:30 Club & All Things Gold Present: The Colourist @ U Street Music Hall


All Things Gold and 9:30 Club are taking over U Street Music Hall next Friday, March 21st for an extra special early show featuring ATG Records alumni The Colourist. This will be the California dream-rockers proper headline debut in the District, and if that doesn’t get you excited enough, they’re bringing along Night Terrors of 1927 and The Wind And The Wave as support. Don’t miss this one — grab your tickets at the link below.

TICKETS: All Things Gold
RSVP: Facebook

STREAM: The Colourist – “Little Games”


Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me


After five years of relative silence, Brody Dalle has been anything but quiet lately. The former Spinnerette and Distillers frontwoman continues to drop ass-kicking singles from her upcoming solo debut, Diploid Love, out April 29th on Queen of Hearts/Universal. Today marked the release of “Don’t Mess With Me,” an addictive bad girl anthem that you’ll be screaming in your car all summer long, if you have any sense. Stream the track below, then pre-order Diploid Love on iTunes to instantly download the track.

STREAM: Brody Dalle – “Don’t Mess With Me”

Festival Fever: Skaters

One band we’re excited to catch at SXSW 2014 is Skaters. Sure, they’re playing Wednesday’s Lawn Party — stop reading and RSVP if you haven’t already — but watching them perform tunes off their debut Manhattan LP has been on our to-do list for a while now. To tide us over for the next few days, the NYC outfit filmed a few videos with Diffuser.fm in which they talk about band origins, the new album and the upcoming festival, on top of performing Manhattan tracks “Schemers” and “I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How).” Watch the interview above and check out the rest after the jump.

And don’t forget, All Things Go is presenting two shows at SXSW this week. RSVP and details via the links below.

RSVP: SXSW Lawn Party
RSVP: ATG x Indie Shuffle Official Showcase


Violent Soho – Saramona Said


Violent Soho’s Hungry Ghost didn’t get as much stateside love as it should have. Not only is the band’s sophomore album a testament to the (not so) surprising return of 90s rock, but it’s also one of the better albums of last year. “Saramona Said,” the most recent single off the release, is a sonic delight and one of the less aggressive songs on the album. What starts off as a sullen, downer of a riff quickly shifts into an uplifting, feel-good number propelled by peppy drums and steady downstrokes. Luke Boerdam gives one of the more relaxed vocal deliveries on Hungry Ghost, adding to the good natured tone of the tune. But then, just past the halfway point, the song gives way to a nice upper of a breakdown marked by double-time hi-hats and some serene “Ooh’s.” And then the real breakdown comes in, in all of its sludgy glory, just to make sure you haven’t forgotten you’re listening to Violent Soho. Stream “Saramona Said” below.

STREAM: Violent Soho – “Saramona Said”

Introducing: The Hearts


We’re ready to take over the world. At least that’s what The Hearts‘ debut track “Lips” has got us thinking. Sounding like an explosive cross between The Killers, U2 and Morning Parade, imagine blaring this song while driving top down through the Mojave Desert and you’d feel unstoppable too. We are very excited to see what these South Wales guys come up with next. Stream “Lips” below.

STREAM: The Hearts – “Lips”

Premiere: Sons & Lovers – Lover


Some bands have a knack for anthemic rock. We can’t help but feel that every time Sons & Lovers pick up their instruments, they end up writing something huge. “Lover” confirms our suspicions. Their latest track has all the usual pieces — big guitars, booming drums and earnest vocals — but then slips in a dark, explosive chorus that reminds us of Morning Parade and Imagine Dragons at their most powerful. Only bands destined for amazing things put out material like this. Stream “Lover” below.

STREAM: Sons & Lovers – “Lover” [PREMIERE]

Cloud Nothings – Psychic Trauma


“Psychic Trauma” is not only the name of the new song from the Cloud Nothings, but it’s also how you might feel once the steady, even-keeled track — spoiler alert! — transforms into a completely different song at the forty-five second mark. In one quick step it accelerates from pleasant, low key, low-fi rock to driving, blasting, cymbal-crashing punk. It’s a fantastic little bait-and-switch in which the switched-to tune is far more engaging, compelling, and raucous than the bait. Stream it below.

“Psychic Trauma” will appear on the Cloud Nothing’s upcoming album Here And Nowhere Else, out April 1st via Carpark/Mom + Pop.

STREAM – Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trauma”