Nothing – Endlessly


Nothing unleash a wall of sound with “Endlessly.” The new track finds the Philly outfit wielding a brand of shoegaze that’s both brutal and nurturing. Deafheaven come to mind as comparable contemporaries thanks to the brooding melody, but you can also hear notes of Built To Spill’s quirky guitar-work and Explosions In The Sky’s towering post-rock. It’s a complex, beautiful track that commands multiple listens. Stream “Endlessly” below.

STREAM: Nothing – “Endlessly”

Mark McGuire – In Search Of The Miraculous


“In Search of the Miraculous” is a sonic journey through the head of Mark McGuire. Part of the soon-to-be-released, Along the Way, the musician’s latest track is part of a collection that represents a path of feeling, rather than storytelling. It is meant to be experiential, so that you can impart your own meaning on a soundtrack for self-discovery. As Mark puts it himself in the liner notes, “This story is an odyssey through the vast, unknown regions of the mind.” Heady stuff.

That doesn’t, however, indicate any lack of purpose in McGuire’s songwriting. Using acoustic guitar, mandolin, talkbox and a plethora of other instruments, he creates an otherwordly experience not unlike Austin post-rockers Explosions in the Sky. His music is about transportation, so sit back, relax, and let it take over.

Mark McGuire’s Along the Way comes out on Dead Oceans later this year.

STREAM: Mark McGuire – “In Search Of The Miraculous”

Thee Silver Mt. Zion – Take Away These Early Grave Blues

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 7.11.19 PM

In the ever escalating battle of indie rock’s who-is-more-avant-garde-than-who, Efrim Menuck holds the trump card. Forming Godspeed You! Black Emperor (named after an obscure independent Japanese documentary about Tokyo’s version of the Hell’s Angels, and well worth a watch) as an anarchist music collective in 1994, the band’s first release sold only 33 cassettes. GY!BE went on to form a small, but highly influential, following in the post-rock community, creating some of the most definitive music of the genre.


Mogwai – The Lord Is Out Of Control

Mogwai is at it again with a video for “The Lord Is Out Of Control”, off of the group’s upcoming album Rave Tapes. Directed by Antony Crook, the video deals with motion, both choreographed and aimless, calling attention to the cyclical movements of sound within the song. The camera calls for meditation as it travels through different crafted and natural spaces of Hawaiian landscapes. After watching this video, we eagerly await the album’s January release. Check it out above.

Introducing: Teen Mom


For a lead single, the new cut from DC quartet Teen Mom sure does have the gravity of a statement-making album closer. Maybe that’s because “Kitchen” seems like a summation of the best parts of last year’s Mean Tom EP, pushing the group into new sonic territory without forgetting where they’ve come from. Over the song’s six-and-a-half minute runtime, the band eschews the economy of their previous release, instead allowing their sound to hem, haw and grow organically. Confidently dipping into surf, noise and post-rock at will, the song is bound to make its way into your rotation of late night summer anthems and confirms Teen Mom as one of the District’s must-watch bands on the rise. Stream it below.

STREAM: Teen Mom – “Kitchen”

Waxahatchee – Coast to Coast

With a successful winter tour, a buzzworthy SXSW presence and the release of acclaimed album Cerulean Salt, 2013 has become a breakout year for Katie Crutchfield and Waxahatchee. Though she may have parleyed her acoustic one-woman show into a lo-fi Pavement-y turn-the-90s-up-to-11 aesthetic, the intimacy and nuance of her songwriting still resonates (in tandem with the reverb). The video for “Coast to Coast,” dropping today in anticipation of the new album’s U.K. release and supporting tour, features Crutchfield and sister Allison taking a swim in Waxahatchee Creek, the band’s namesake and a pretty nice little spot in central Alabama. If you haven’t dived in to Waxahatchee yet, now is the time. Watch above.

STREAM: Waxahatchee – “Coast To Coast”

Mogwai – Wizard Motor

Scottish quintet Mogwai practically wrote the textbook on slow-build, loud-soft-loud-soft, epic instrumental post-rockback in the mid-90′s. Now, on their new track “Wizard Motor,” they aren’t afraid to go off script.

Keeping it shockingly brief — under 5 minutes — the sinister minor-key track stays true to the band’s namesake; ‘Mogwai’ means “evil spirit” in Cantonese, and the band’s dark, brooding movements are ever-present on “Wizard Motor.” It begins with a dirge-like organ, then deftly grafts pristine sheets of switching electric guitars, gritty, trashed bass lines, cavernous toms and gated electronic snare samples before making an ominous full-stop exit, like a phantom disappearing into thin air. It’s a mature, retrained piece that leaves you wanting more, something that can’t often be said about common fare in the genre these days. Stream it below.

“Wizard Motor” appears on Mogwai’s Les Revenants EP, out February 25th on Rock Action/Sub Pop.

STREAM: Mogwai – “Wizard Motor”

LULS – Young

For a band whose name doubles as a lighthearted chat acronym, LULS is pretty heavy. You would be hard pressed to find anything online by the mysterious outfit, which features the Big Pink’s Adam Prendergast, aside from “Young.” The track alone, however, is enough to prove that the London trio is worth keeping an eye on. “Young” is a fine example in the art of crescendo; starting off with some haunting percussion and two-part vocals, the track slowly swells up until it explodes into a brooding cataclysm of industrial post-rock.

“Young” will be the AA-side to LULS’ upcoming “Swing Low” single. Keep an eye on their spot for a release date.

MP3: LULS – “Young”

Maserati – The Eliminator

Athens, Georgia post-rockers Maserati are returning this fall with Maserati VII, due out on October 2 via Temporary Residence Ltd. The album will be the band’s first with drummer Mike Albanese and features contributions from Zombi‘s Steve Moore. Their newest track “The Eliminator” kicks off with a blast of krautrock synth, echoing guitar, and propulsive drums, creating a sense of urgency that impressively manages to sustain itself for the entirety of the song. The result is a soundscape fit for a cinematic car chase.

STREAM: Maserati – “The Eliminator”

Russian Circles – Mladek

Russian Circles are one of the few dark instrumental bands that have risen out of obscurity into the indie limelight. The recent release of Empros, their proper Sargent House debut, is only going to bring them more notoriety. Despite being only six tracks long, the songs on this album clock in at an average length of six to seven minutes and each packs quite the punch. “Mladek” is one of my favorites cuts off Empros, showcasing the balance between bright hopeful melodies and ominous metal riffs that Russian Circles seems to strike so well. It’s a long but good one — check it out below. Empros is out now on Sargent House.

MP3: Russian Circles – “Mladek”