Introducing: Branded James


If you’re lucky, you’re somewhat familiar with LA based nu-disco/indie dance producer Branded James. If you’re not, don’t worry. You will be soon enough…

These days, R&B vocals seem to permeate house music more than Cronuts flood Instagram feeds. James’ just-released “Close to This” is a breath of fresh air in the sub-genre. The track re-appropriates some velvety Chante Moore vocals over a deep bass line with a trance synth sprinkled on top which makes for a delightfully smooth and sexy track.

Head over to Branded James’ Soundcloud and you’ll feel his palpable love of everything 80s. This, coupled with the high production quality of his tracks, makes him quite an exciting addition to the nu-disco/house scene. Keep an eye out for this one, folks.

STREAM: Branded James – “Close to This”

Introducing: Yeah Boy


Alright let’s just get this out of the way: link.

Yeah Boy, the side endeavor of Parachute Youth’s Johnny Castro, started up a Facebook page last month and began teasing the release of the project’s maiden musical voyage, streaming below. On “Can’t Get Enough,” the spacey house of Castro’s previous work gives way to a funky Aussie disco sound, adorned with bright keys and pulsing bass lines, and punctuated with a so-simple-it’s-brilliant vocal sample for a hook. You’re hip to this style already, folks, but this track has that certain je ne sais quoi that gives me pause, and keeps me hittin’ play.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which, as we know, is a great look for nu-disco. From the lyrics, to the goof-tastic a cappella bass fills, to the lead vocal singing right along with the sample, there’s a lot of fun being had here. Check it out, and have some fun yourself.

STREAM: Yeah Boy – “Can’t Get Enough”

Goldroom – St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)


Goldroom shows some unexpected love for a fallen legend with his cover of Elliott Smith’s “St. Ides Heaven.” Though known for bright and shiny nu-disco tunes, the L.A. producer proves his indie chops with his own spin on the late folk artist’s classic track. Grab it for a free download on Facebook, and keep an eye out for Goldroom’s Embrace EP, out September 9th.

DOWNLOAD: Goldroom – “St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)”

Classixx – All You’re Waiting For (Ft. Nancy Whang)

Animal prints, a stocked bar, vaguely erotic dance moves by a tiny man in a speedo, Nancy Whang chugging martinis sporting an oversized hat, disco balls, synchronized seamen and wait for it… PUPPIES! Yes, Classixx’s new video for “All You’re Waiting For” has everything you could ever want (or at least everything I could ever want). Produced by Urban Outfitters and directed by Tim K, the video is ridiculously opulent and all-around outstanding. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the self-proclaimed “disco monster” of a track.

When Nancy contemptuously glares down at Michael and Tyler, the LA-based duo that is Classixx, and cooly declares “I hate you both,” I’ve never felt so in love. Let them know who’s boss Nancy. Watch the video above or stream the track below.

STREAM: Classixx – “All You’re Waiting For”

Air Zaire – Full Moon: Mix De Lune

Full Moon Main Flyer

Do you ever experience DJ anxiety? Do thoughts like “will my playlist be good enough?”, “OMG! WHAT SHOULD I PUT ON NEXT?”, “does this song reflect the current state of my friends’ inebriated minds?” or “will someone catch onto my early-90’s references!?” echo through your head? Fear no more, sweet children. Air Zaire has whipped up a summer mix in celebration of the upcoming Full Moon festival in NYC this month. Complete with ATG favorites Tanlines, The Knocks, Little Daylight, Miami Horror, Wild Belle and more, this is one set of tunes that guarantee a good time.

In line with the groovy, tropical vibes of the event, the playlist is loaded with island-influenced drums, swinging disco beats and delicious remixes, including Cyril Hahn’s remix of “Say My Name.” If we’ve learned anything, it’s that if you’re going to mess with the Lady B, it better be flawless. Mission accomplished, Cyril. With nu disco, chill house and few hip hop jams for a good measure, just press play and let your DJ anxiety melt away. Stream the mix below.

To see all these artists and more — including a bunch of our favorites playing on a Neon Gold-curated stage — in action, buy your tickets for Full Moon here, ditch your shoes and head over to Governors Beach Club on Saturday, June 22nd for one incredible party.

STREAM: Air Zaire – Full Moon: Mix de Lune

Milano Sun – Scandinavia

Milano Sun shed their summer skin on their latest track “Scandinavia.” The Swedish trio are no stranger to new wave, having dashed a sprinkle of it onto last year’s balearic anthem “Vertigo.” They seriously upped the dosage this time around, however, toning down the sun-drenched instrumentals in favor of retro synths and reverb-heavy vocals. That’s not to say the old Milano Sun is gone, though; “Scandinavia” still packs some explosive pop power in its chorus. The band has paired the track with a mysterious monochrome video, which you can watch above.

“Scandinavia” appears on Milano Sun’s six-track EP of the same name, which also includes earlier singles “Vertigo” and “Already Gone.” Stream it below.

STREAM: Milano Sun - Scandinavia EP



Say Yes Dog are looking to get a slice of that balearic pie. Hailing from exotic Luxembourg, the trio’s funky brand of band-backed nu-disco pop sounds like a cross between Hot Chip and just about the entire Future Classic (Classixx, Flight Facilities, Panama) roster. Their latest single, “Get It,” is a fantastic primer on their style. Stream it below and stay tuned for their debut EP later this year.

STREAM: Say Yes Dog – “Get It”

PREMIERE: Silverstar – Music Is Magic

On the 31st of December 2012, after decades of sending radio waves into space, astronomers received a strange signal from the Alpha Centauri system. What at first appeared to be a random stream of tones and pulses gradually resolved into a complex pattern, that while alien, seemed eerily familiar. Dubbed “Silverstar” the signal was sent to research teams worldwide, for further analysis.

…or so goes Silverstar‘s bio, a two-man production team hailing from down under. The Australian duo’s debut single, “Music Is Magic,” is just about everything you can ask for in dance music. Sure to satisfy everyone from the occasional indie convert to the most devout of nu-disco disciples, Silverstar’s first jump into the scene is a slice of synth and sample heaven. And don’t forget to check out the video for the track — directed by Tim White and filmed on location in Morocco — above.

STREAM: Silverstar – “Music Is Magic”

STREAM: Silverstar – “Music Is Magic (Dcup Deep Bitch Mix)”

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

After its premiere as Pete Tong’s “Essential New Tune” on BBC Radio 1 last year, this lovely track from New Yorker Chris Malinchak sent ripples through the electronic music world, gradually reaching over one million YouTube audio hits on the strength of its stripped back, soulful sound and optimistic energy.

On Friday, venerable UK dance label Ministry of Sound unveiled an official video for “So Good to Me” in advance of the track’s May 5th single release. The clip, which follows a little girl in pursuit of her lost pet giraffe, mirrors the straightforward positivity of this Marvin Gaye-sampling hopeful house ballad. Watch it above.

STREAM: Chris Malinchak – “So Good To Me”

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Wax Nostalgic Remix)

Wax Nostalgic first serenaded our earballs with his gorgeous remix of Local Natives’ “Who Knows Who Cares” back in December. It became an instant favorite, clocking in at number two on our best remixes of 2012 list. Today, David Hayes has done his best to try to bring some California over to his hometown of Toronto with a remix of Goldroom’s poolside mood-setter “Sweetness Alive.” Hayes accentuates Say Lou Lou‘s breezy vocals on his take while deconstructing the more up-tempo instrumental elements of the original, smoothing the track out to create the musical equivalent of the ‘Toaster’ Instagram filter. That’s a compliment.

Have a listen below, and be sure to grab tickets to see Goldroom play LIVE — that’s right, a full live band — at All Things Gold on April 11th at U Street Music Hall.

STREAM: Goldroom – “Sweetness Alive (Ft. Say Lou Lou) (Wax Nostalgic Remix)”