Roosevelt – Small Hours (John Martyn Cover)


Cologne-based producer Marius Lauber (Roosevelt) gives us a blissful spring stargazing tune in this unlikely cover of John Martyn’s 1977 jazz-fusion opus “Small Hours.” A steady drum machine pitter-patter and buoyant synths transform what was originally an ambient, introspective track into lush slow-motion disco. Roosevelt, who cites Arthur Russell among his chief inspirations, gives a nod here to experimental pop and jazz-folk influences you might not expect from a dance producer. Stream the cover below, then check out a haunting live rendition from the original artist here.

Roosevelt’s debut EP Elliot is out now via Greco-Roman, the Berlin/London imprint (co-founded by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard) that helped to launch TEED and Disclosure.

STREAM: Roosevelt – “Small Hours (John Martyn Cover)”

The Knocks – Comfortable (Lightwaves Remix)


Lightwaves take a break from the usual uplifting synth-pop with a brand new remix for The Knocks’ “Comfortable.” The DC outfit goes full nu-disco here, replacing that deep bass with bright, funky guitars. It’s a fresh take on the original that’s just as danceable. Give it a listen below.

STREAM: The Knocks – “Comfortable (Lightwaves Remix)”

Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Shmallen Remix)

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.30.41 PM

I’ve decided that winter just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Fortunately, a savior has arrived in the form of Shmallen. The self-proclaimed “professional poolside lounger piña colada sipper’s” remix of Aaliyah’s R&B classic is somehow even sexier and lush than the original. Normally, I’m a bit hesitant when young producers decide to mess around with old school tracks, but Shmallen does it plenty of justice. Building on the vocals of the late, great R&B songstress, the track adds some nu-disco flair, taking it from bedroom slow jam to dancefloor paradise. Stream it below.

STREAM: Aaliyah – “Rock The Boat (Shmallen Remix)”

Touch Sensitive – Slowments


Down Under disco wonder and pizza guy extraordinaire Touch Sensitive (né Michael Di Francesco) is back with more of his immaculately conceived synth wizardry. As a founding member of Van She, Di Francesco was architect of “Kelly,” one of my all-time favorite electropop songs. He’s also made a name for himself outside of Van She as a DJ and producer, co-writing Anna Lunoe’s 2012 smash “Real Talk” and helping to define the sound of Aussie nu-disco imprint Future Classic. With “Slowments,” a rework of British sample pop pioneers Art of Noise’s 1983 track “Moments in Love,” Di Francesco extends an unbroken streak of blissful, emotive solo releases. Like his last single “Pizza Guy,” “Slowments” is a leisurely bass-driven excursion through nebulous keyboard textures and artfully pitch-shifted vocal samples. Good vibrations. Stream it below.

STREAM: Touch Sensitive – “Slowments”

Flight Facilities – Stand Still (Ft. Micky Green)

Flight Facilities know how to make a good music video. Case in point: last year’s clip for “Claire De Lune,” which made it onto our list of Top 20 Videos in 2012. The Australian DJ duo hit it out of the park again with their latest one for “Stand Still (Ft. Micky Green).” Watch above as Flight Facilities showcase the finest experience suburban virtual reality has to offer.

Flight Facilities’ “Stand Still” is available for purchase via iTunes.

STREAM: Flight Facilities – “Stand Still (Ft. Micky Green)”

Miami Horror – Colours in the Sky (Ft. Cleopold)


Australian nu-disco titans Miami Horror are back with a new single, “Colours In The Sky.” Plinking keys and undulating synths hold down the track, while call-and-response vocals keep the listener hooked. It’s really too bad that it’s starting to get cold (at least in the hellish winterland of the Northeast); this song’s sun-drenched bass line deserves to be heard during a summer drive. Stream “Colours In The Sky” below.

STREAM: Miami Horror – “Colours in the Sky (Ft. Cleopold)”

moodblanc – Vous


Nu-disco meets Duran Duran in Swedish duo moodblanc’s latest single “Vous.” The track captures everything great about the ’80s and brat pack movies in only four minutes with some sophisticated chilled out melodies that will have you dreaming about falling in love. Stream it below.

STREAM: moodblanc – “Vous”

Introducing: Arkon Fly

There isn’t too much information out there on Arkon Fly. The London duo arrived on the scene a few months back with “Through the Fire,” a funk-infused dance track that garnered comparisons to Disclosure. And while I still know almost absolutely nothing about these two, I am certain of one thing: Arkon Fly know how to jam. Their newest single “Back Seat” combines the best bits of ’80s pop and R&B. It’s got soulful vocals, a bright synth line and a dance-ready funky beat. In fact, it reminds me of old school New Edition and The Gap Band. Add to that some modern house elements and you have got a track so undeniable, you’re sure to be toe tapping before the end of it. Give “Back Seat” a listen below.

STREAM: Arkon Fly – “Back Seat”

Keljet – Together (Ft. Avan Lava)


Listen up. You need to listen to this song. I know what you’re going to say, “but Taylor it’s not 1978, Studio 54 is gone, disco is dead! Enough is enough!” Well, disco is never dead and if there was a track to raise it from the grave, it would be the Dutch disco demons Keljet’s “Together (Ft. Avan Lava).”

Since getting my hands on this track, it’s been playing nonstop on the subway, in my crappy apartment, the office, while running — everywhere. If this track doesn’t make you want to throw your hands in the air and start a party… I can’t… I can’t even. There’s a part of it that’s very reminiscent of Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” one of my most beloved tracks. But enough fan-girling. Stream “Together” below.

STREAM: Keljet – “Together” (Ft. Avan Lava)

Tourist – Together


London producer Tourist just debuted a track from his upcoming Patterns EP and can I just say, daaaaaaaaaaang! “Together” is vastly different from his previous work in that it features a vocalist — which is uncharted territory.  While Tourist is most well known for his choppy, awkward-to-dance-to slow burners, “Together” employs a bouncy, club-ready house beat that the masses could groove to without a problem. Tourist’s ability to effortlessly transition between a range of sounds make him quite an exciting prospect on the producer horizon.

Patterns is slated for a December 2nd release on Discosure’s label, Method Records. Until then, holler at the link below for your Tourist fix.

STREAM: Tourist – “Together”