Big Boi – Objectum Shalamar (Ft. Phantogram)


On Big Boi‘s most recent solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumorshe collaborated with electronic duo Phantogram for 3 songs. One of those, “Objectum Sexuality,” has been remixed and made a little bit more fun with the addition of Shalamar’s “A Night To Remember” for a Monday Mashup. Big Boi’s technically proficient, quick-witted rapping fits surprisingly well over the disco beat and guitar riff of the legendary 80s group. Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel manages to find a place for her falsetto chorus as well, though Jody Watley’s vocals at the end of the song are in danger of blowing everyone away. Big Boi has always enjoyed a certain level of funk in his beats, but this remix is evidence that maybe he should get even funkier. Check out “Objectum Shalamar” below.

STREAM: Big Boi – “Objectum Shalamar (Ft. Phantogram)”

#TBT: The Hood Internet – Without Pressure


Today we’re serving up the most recent release from an ATG favorite: The Hood Internet. Over the years, Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell have proven themselves to be masters of the mash-up. While I wouldn’t call myself a mash-up kind of guy, the Chicago duo always impresses by seamlessly blending diverse songs into one another without missing a beat.

“Without Pressure” is no different. The song mixes David Bowie and Queen’s 1981 single “Under Pressure” with Dillon Francis and TEED collaboration “Without You.” The result sounds more like a remix of “Under Pressure” than a mash-up, which speaks to the Hood Internet’s ability. Give it a stream below, and make sure to check out The Hood Internet when they stop through DC for the April edition of All Things Gold.

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DOWNLOAD: The Hood Internet – “Without Pressure”

The Hood Internet – It’s Still About Falling (Haim x Robotaki)


The Hood Internet are back with yet another mash-up, this time mixing Robotaki’s “It’s Still About You” with Haim’s “Falling.” The combination is a chance to imagine what Haim might sound like if they ever decide to trade their guitars in for computers, and what do you know, they would be just as fun and easy to listen to. Robotaki’s twitchy backbeat might even be improved by subbing in the sisters Haim for original collaborator Hey Champ. The synths rise and fall, the drums thump and the girls do their thing.

The Hood Internet always find a way to make all of the artists involved look even better, but as usual it’s their listeners who profit the most. Check out “It’s Still About Falling” below.

DOWNLOAD: The Hood Internet – “It’s Still About Falling (Haim x Robotaki)”

The Hood Internet – Infinite Starts (Drake x Baauer x RL Grime)


Mashup luminaries The Hood Internet have built a career on surprising combinations of music. Often, their songs are enjoyable because they leave you wondering just how they made two disparate artists sound so natural together. Of course, more straightforward remixes like this show that the quality of the combinations can speak for itself. Baauer and RL Grime’s “Infinite Daps” is transformed into the backbeat for Drake’s “Started From The Bottom.” Hip Hop and EDM overlap so much at this point that it seems like less of a challenge for the Chicago duo to make this work. That said, hearing Drake rap over a trap banger is a big change of pace from the minimalist productions of Noah “40″ Shebib. The thumping bass and popping synths mesh perfectly with Drake’s bravado filled lyrics about his rise in the rap game. It’s a glimpse at what a different producer might have done with Drake’s recent work, and everyone involved comes out looking better than before.

Check out “Infinite Starts” below and peruse The Hood Internet’s previous work (for free!) on their website.

STREAM: The Hood Internet – “Infinite Starts (Drake x Baauer x RL Grime)”

#TBT: The Melker Project – Don’t Let Me Down


Happy Throwback Thursday! This week we have an amalgamation of throwback jams, courtesy of The Melker Project. I am usually not a big proponent of the mashup — they’re usually a bit too ADHD for my taste — but NYC/Gainsville’s Scott Melker finds a very nice middle ground. This week he unveiled The Skeetles, the second in a series of EPs combining the music of one iconic artist with that of hip hop legends. As you may have guessed, this EP takes on none other than the Beatles. The Skeetles song we chose for TBT is the one attracting the most attention on the interwebz and features Biggie lyrics laid over “Don’t Let Me Down.” It also samples a good amount of Gramatik. Stream below.

If you like what you hear, it’s worth checking out the first installment of this series, Skeetwood Mac. We don’t need to tell you what that’s all about.

STREAM: The Melker Project – “Don’t Let Me Down (Beatles x Notorious B.I.G.)”

DJ Topsider – Stay (CHVRCHES x Taylor Swift x Monsieur Adi)

In one of the craziest cases of separated-at-birth we’ve ever seen, DJ Topsider brings together three long lost siblings — CHVRCHES (“Recover”), Taylor Swift (“We Are Never Getting Back Together”) and Monsieur Adi (Lana Del Rey “Born To Die” remix) — on “Stay.” After one listen to this amazing mash-up, you’ll wonder how they were ever apart. Download it below.

MP3: DJ Topsider – “Stay (CHVRCHES x Taylor Swift x Monsieur Adi)”

Rostam – Scenic Cold (Beirut x Katy Perry)

At first glance, one might assume that Beirut and Katy Perry go together about as well as lamb and tuna fish, yet Rostam (of Vampire Weekend and Discovery fame) somehow finds a way to make them the perfect couple with his mash-up of Beirut’s jubilant “Scenic World” and Perry’s “Hot n Cold.” Rostam has apparently been playing the track at his solo DJ shows, and a brief visit to his Soundcloud page reveals his other attempts at iconic pop blends, including a particularly spirited Carly Rae Jepson/Annie Lennox combo, though none are as seamless as “Scenic Cold.” The D.C. native clearly understands what it takes to make a listenable mash-up, and “Scenic Cold” is just that. Grab it below.

STREAM: Rostam – “Scenic Cold (Beirut x Katy Perry)”

Interview: The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet is Chicago DJs Aaron Brink (ABX) and Steve Reidell (STV) who’ve single handedly created/redefined/perfected the mash-up genre. In fact, if you searched “mash-ups” on Urban Dictionary it would come up with “The Hood Internet”. Actually I don’t know that but that’s what it should say. ABX and STV have a knack for seamlessly combining songs from some of the biggest artists in indie and hip hop to create a completely new sound that sometimes is arguably better than both of the two individual tracks. Ratatat’s “Wildcat” with Michael Jackson’s “Bille Jean”?’ VEGA’s “No Reasons” overlaid with Amanda Blank? Yeah. Magic happens sometimes.

I had the chance to chat with STV in high anticipation for their set at ALL THINGS GOLD 004 next Thursday at U Street Music Hall. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

MP3: The Hood Internet – “Boss Tide (Meek Mill vs Beirut)”
MP3: The Hood Internet – ” No Reasons To Like You Better (Amanda Blank x VEGA)”


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Disney: A 2nd trailer has been released for The Muppets, which comes out November 23, 2010.

Soundcloud: Mash-up maven D.Veloped just delivered his newest number, featuring The Postal Service, Tech N9ne, and more.

STREAM: D.veloped – “My Dangerously Melodic Anthem”

ALL THINGS GOLD 001 Preview: Brenton Duvall

All Things Go and Brenton Duvall are a match made in heaven. We were both born and raised in the district (or thereabouts), we both love the Washington Redskins, and we all share an appreciation for infectious pop melodies and anthemic hip-hop. We differ in one area, however–talent: Brenton has it, and we don’t. Rather than put a picture of his face on a dartboard and express our jealousy by hurling darts at it (which we wont do simply because our aim sucks), we’ve come to accept his keen ear for cutting edge indie-pop/hip-hop mash-ups and his innovative productions. His collaborations with another DMV favorite, Beau Young Prince, as well as previously-discussed Philadelphian Tayyib Ali, have consistently climbed to the top of the hype machine popular lists and have been blasted into the ears of frat kids and hipsters across the nation.

Lucky for us, we were able to secure Brenton for our first ever All Things Go + Neon Gold club night this Thursday, July 21st at U St. Music Hall. Tickets are still available (HERE) so come on by and catch Brenton on the one’s and two’s alongside live acts Penguin Prison and Reptar, and fellow DJ/producers RAC.

STREAM: Young Prince – “Strange Times (Prod. Brenton Duvall)”

STREAM: Brenton Duvall – “Blow the Skrilla (Too $hort)”

STREAM: Brenton Duvall – “Against a Mad World”