Jamie xx – Untitled (Unreleased)


Jamie xx has had a fairly quiet 2013. He did a track for Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby film soundtrack, and has released the occasional remix, but fans might fairly have kept Jamie from the front of their minds. It doesn’t even take a full release to remind listeners why Jamie should never be far from their thoughts.

This live rip from Berlin’s Night + Day Festival serves ample notice on its own. Opening with swirling harp, the song slowly layers and builds sounds together, adding a soulful vocal sample and a quiet beat. Even as the filtered vocals pile up, that backbeat acts as a kind of spine for the rest of the song, disappearing momentarily and then returning to carry the song to a satisfying fade out. Live rip or not, the song has all of the production polish of Jamie xx’s recorded material, and the wonderful sense of control that comes with knowing exactly what it takes to make his audience respond to the music. Check out “Untitled (Unreleased)” below.

STREAM: Jamie xx – “Untitled (Unreleased)” 

Sam Smith – Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys Cover)


You have to feel for Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, whose sexy croon is such an anchor to the original hard edged version of “Do I Wanna Know?” off recent release AM. Unfortunately for Mr. Turner, no one recording today is crooning quite as sexily as Sam Smith. In a live cover for Zane Lowe, Smith takes the stripped-down reverb of the original and strips it down further, clearing space for his unmatchable voice. Within the first minute he reveals his incredible range as he jumps from sultry whisper to a belted chorus and, of course, that falsetto. Even as the instrumentation kicks up, the most impressive instrument in the room has to be Smith’s vocal chords which stretch and contract and finally provide a jaw dropping finale, which should leave any listener shaking their head and saying, “Poor, poor Alex.”

Stream Sam Smith’s cover of “Do I Wanna Know?” below and pick up a copy of his Nirvana EP.

STREAM: Sam Smith – “Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys Cover)”

Introducing: Sleepy Kitty


“You’re a goner.”

Those are the words Evan Sult, the drummer and one half of Sleepy Kitty said to me as he walked on stage before their semi-recent set at The Dunes, in one of those seminal moments in life that are immediately stored for safe-keeping. I felt like I had been knighted.

Evan was the drummer for one of my favorite bands of all time –the forever-to-be-underrated Harvey Danger– and after a career that has come a long way since Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone was released in 1997, he carries a confidence and self-assurance that comes with having seen it all and then some. But his love of the music seems on par with that of a 17-year-old rocking out for the first time. Honestly, to see someone that was a break or two from “making it” 15 years ago still find pure joy out of playing a well-received set for a handful of people in a tiny venue was equally heartwarming and inspiring. Looking at 40, he’s reached the level of Jedi Master, and his approval meant the world to me.


ATG Presents: Communion DC

Communion US October 2013 02 DC

Communion is a music collective and monthly club night that was born over seven years ago at the Notting Hill Arts Club as the brainchild of Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons), Kev Jones (Bear’s Den) and producer Ian Grimble. Since its inception, Communion hasn’t strayed from the literal definition of the word: the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level. Over the last seven years, Communion has expanded from its humble beginnings to monthly club nights across the world, including the UK, Australia, New York and San Francisco.

Today, we’re excited to announce that All Things Go will be partnering with Communion to bring the energy and excitement of Communion to DC on a monthly basis. Starting this October, we will be delivering some of the most promising musicians to the Black Cat stage, with acts ranging from indie-rock to Americana, and everything in between.

Our first Communion DC event is going down Wednesday, October 2nd at the Black Cat, and features performances from the Yacht Club DJs, RubblebucketRoadkill Ghost Choir, and Willy Mason. Just in case you thought five acts weren’t enough, the very first Communion DC will be topped off with DJ sets by Communion founder (and Mumford & Sons member) Ben Lovett as well as a Prince-heavy set from your very own ATG editors. Tickets are on sale now for only $12 advance, so grab yours now, and come join the birth of one of the most legendary monthly nights DC has ever seen.

Tickets: Communion DC
RSVP: Facebook 


Ticket Giveaway: U.S. Royalty @ Industry Gallery


This Saturday, July 13th, the DC music scene gods have cooked up quite the treat for you. U.S. Royalty will be debuting new music from their forthcoming album, Blue Sunshine, at Industry Gallery. In doing so, they’ve also teamed up with Craig Appelbaum (Industry Gallery) and Sean Berg (Hole In The Sky) to create a unique venue for the night showcasing left-behind pieces of past Appelbaum curations and special edition screen prints by Berg. The night is sure to be a special one-of-a-kind event to stimulate both your visual and aural senses and one that surely should not be missed by DC art and music aficionados alike.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky individual for this wonderful get-together. All we want to know is, with all this talk of royalty, who in the current world music scene would make up your royal family — your King & Queen and Prince & Princess? Let us know in the comment section below. The rest of you great people can buy tickets here.

TRANSPORTATION BONUS: Because Sidecar loves local music, rides to and from Industry Gallery on H Street to see US Royalty are free all night! Get the app, punch in the addy and Sidecar foots the bill at the end of your ride.

STREAM: U.S. Royalty – “Sleepy Eyes”

LIVE: Silversun Pickups, Bad Books @ The Wellmont Theater

sspu1Photos by Dan Schenker Photography

When you go to a rock show on a special holiday, you never know what to expect from the crowd. When that special holiday is Cinco de Mayo, you really don’t know what to expect from the crowd. An uneasiness settled in when I first arrived at The Wellmont Theater, located in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey, for that very reason. Were attendants there to support the bands and have a good time or get drunk out of their minds? I was in no mood to deal with a shitty crowd. Luckily, when I got inside I realized I was in good company. And the night only got better from there.

STREAM: Silversun Pickups - “The Pit”

STREAM: Bad Books - “The After Party”


All Things Gold 019: Official Sweetlife Kickoff Party


The Sweetlife Festival will cement itself as a District music tradition this Saturday as it returns to Merriweather Post Pavilion for its third annual run. To get you excited we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Sweetlife to bring you the official kick-off party this Thursday, May 10th at U Street Music Hall. Headlining the night will be MS MR — who will also be playing on Saturday — along with support from Sir Sly and Magic Man. Three of our favorite artists together in one place — it doesn’t get much better than this. Advance tickets are available now at the link below for $12 (or $15 at the door). Grab yours now!

TICKETS: All Things Gold
RSVP: Facebook
STREAM: MS MR – “Hurricane”

STREAM: Sir Sly – “Ghost”

DOWNLOAD: Magic Man – “Texas”

Preview: Generationals @ Rock N Roll Hotel


As the resident New Orleansologist here at ATG, I’m delighted to write about Generationals. The band formed in 2009 as an indie take on shimmering 60s pop, and their debut album, Con Law, more or less broke the NOLA indie scene when it was released four years ago. (You probably heard the infectious single “When They Fight, They Fight” that summer.)

Heza, out now on Polyvinyl Records, is an updated sound, building on what the band does so well. Replacing the 60s girl group harmonies of Con Law are the jangly guitars and hopped up tempo of beach pop, at times recalling The Beach Boys, other times sounding like The Kinks. If modern analogs are more your thing, the new album has a lot of The Drums going on. On top of all this, the album features the exceptional song “Durga II,” which I think is the best song for slowly spinning in your empty apartment to since The The’s “This is the Day.” No one else spins around slowly to songs in their apartment? Just me? Alright then. Good talk.

They’re playing tonight at Rock N Roll Hotel with UK rockers Splashh, who sound like if Oasis’ kids formed a band. Doors are at 8:30., and tickets are still available here. There’ll be an ATG crew there so come by and say what’s up.

STREAM: Generationals – “Spinoza”

Preview: Flume @ U St Music Hall

I’m an old man at heart. It’s true. I own a pair of slippers I wear unironically when my feet get cold. I recently complained “about the kids these days, with their haircuts and their complicated shoes.” I’ve briefly lectured to a friend about the benefits of yogurt. Because of this old-man-ness, I have never been able to dive fully into the electronic music scene. I know that’s tantamount to treason here on the pages of ATG, but for whatever reason, I’ve never been able to connect fully with the bass drops and oontz oontz oontzes you all love so well.

And then I heard Flume. Flume is Harley Streten, a producer from Sydney, Australia who looks like he’s about 14 years old. Last year he released the excellent self-titled LP, Flume, which you can find on Spotify and iTunes. Flume is electronic music. But it’s also got huge soul and hip hop elements. He isn’t afraid of melody, and he’s got a great ear for it. He also isn’t afraid of a bass drop every once in a while, so no fear, young people of DC. He makes electronic music even us old ones can love.

He’s playing tonight at U Street Music Hall. It’s $10 ahead of time and $12 at the door, and you can snag tickets now. Doors are at 9 pm. There will be a crew from ATG there, and we hope to see all you crazy kids. I’ll be the guy in the slippers.

STREAM: Flume — “Holdin’ On”

STREAM: Flume — “Left Alone (Ft. Chet Faker)”

SXSW Recap: Dan Croll

Before I headed down to Austin for a week of chaos, buzzbands and #coolranchDLT’s, I made a short list of bands I would make sure I saw live. At the very top of that list was the UK’s hottest young commodity, Dan Croll. The 22-year-old Newcastle-based Croll first piqued my interest with his first single, “From Nowhere,” and he moved his way up to #1 on my must-see list after his release of “Compliment Your Soul,” one of the most cleverly-crafted and downright beautiful singles in recent memory.

After being thwarted a few times by long lines and insatiable hunger pangs, I was finally able to catch the Croll Show live on Friday at Cedar Door for the ASOS showcase. His set was brief, but his unbridled talent shone through, as he crooned his way through his two hits and a bevy of new tracks. Afterward, Croll stuck around to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, including yours truly, who was completely blown away by his modesty, affability, and genuine appreciation for new listeners. Needless to say, the future is quite bright for Mr. Croll.

STREAM: Dan Croll – “Compliment Your Soul”