Glass Animals – Pools

glass animals pools

English indie rockers Glass Animals have followed up the sensational “Gooey” with the fun and bouncy “Pools.” It seems as though they’re channeling Architecture in Helsinki and world music vibes as they build a lush percussion section to support their expressive vocal harmonies. Dave Bayley sings precisely as he goes from a whisper to a falsetto shout. The song feels naturalistic with its thick beat, but occasional ambient electronic noises provide an interesting counter balance to the primal beat. Everything fits right in its place, and shows a confident band finding its own spot as well. Stream it below.

Glass Animals album Zaba is out June 9th via Harvest Records.

STREAM: Glass Animals – “Pools”

Wolf Alice – Storms

wolf alice storms

Wolf Alice follow up this month’s ferocious “Moaning Lisa Smile” with another gut-punch of a track: “Storms.” While the latest from the London grunge-pop champions is less about balls-to-the-wall power chords than its predecessor, it more than makes up for those with a barrage of sonic guitar. And as always, Ellie Roswell’s hypnotic vocals are front and center. Give “Storms” a listen below and stay tuned for Wolf Alice’s Creature Songs EP, out May 26th via Dirty Hit.

STREAM: Wolf Alice – “Storms”

Wolf Gang – Black River

wolf gang black river

It seems like forever since we last heard from Wolf Gang. Their debut full-length Suego Faults proved to be a transatlantic success after its 2011 release thanks to a cornucopia of hits like “Lions In Cages,” “The King And All Of His Men” and “Dancing With The Devil.” The London foursome is poised to keep things going in 2014 with a brand new EP: Black River. It isn’t due out until April 29th, but to get you all ready the band has dropped the release’s title track. With the assistance of UK producer Floods (U2, Nine Inch Nails), “Black River” shows that Wolf Gang haven’t missed a step when it comes to explosive, anthemic indie rock. Give it a listen below.

STREAM: Wolf Gang – “Black River”

Festival Fever: Surfer Blood

surfer blood festival fever

With SXSW in our rearview mirrors, Festival Fever rages on towards Coachella. The mega-festival kicks off its first week on Friday. One act that will be playing in Indio this weekend are indie-rock mainstays Surfer Blood. recently caught up with the West Palm Beach outfit to talk about the upcoming, their influences and more. Hit the jump for the interview along with performances of “Demon Dance” and “Drinking Problem.”


Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

wolf alice moaning lisa smile

Forming within a stone’s throw of where the Clash held their first rehearsals and the pub where Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty would get wasted on a nightly basis, Wolf Alice have become the heirs to the throne of Camden Town’s music scene. The North London quartet has been gaining traction in the UK due to early singles “Fluffy” and “Bros” while their latest EP, Blush, has cemented their place as one of Britain’s next big guitar bands. The band returned today with “Moaning Lisa Smile,” a ferocious new single that has some serious bite.


The Faint – Scapegoat

the faint scapegoat

Whether you want to call it dance-punk, post-punk, electro-clash or any other niche genre name, The Faint were on top of the world of synth-heavy, dirty guitar infused dance beats that ruled indie-rock dance floors from the late 90s into the middle aughts. It’s been years since we’ve had new noise from the Omaha outfit, but the songs so far released from their upcoming record Doom Abuse show signs that they have not missed a step.

While “Dress Code” plays mostly toward the group’s electronic tendencies, and “Salt My Doom” shows a wonderfully chaotic blend of both, new track “Scapegoat” is packing so much straight-ahead party rock that it could probably blow Andrew W.K. off the stage. If you’re the type that likes your summer jams loud, fast and constantly exploding, then The Faint have just barreled out of the gate with a strong contender for The Song of summer 2014. Stream “Scapegoat” below.

The Faint’s Doom Abuse comes out April 8th via SQE Music.

STREAM: The Faint – “Scapegoat”

The Antlers – Palace

In Oasis’ actually great late era song “Little By Little,” Noel Gallagher sings, “True perfection has to be imperfect / I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true.” While perfection is impossible to achieve in music, I do believe that there is a such thing as a “perfect song.” I can’t really describe what makes a song “perfect,” but that “HOLY SHIT” feeling comes along once or twice a year for me after hearing a song for the first time.

I knew that “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean was going to be my song of 2012 within seconds of watching his performance with the Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon right before channel ORANGE dropped in July of that year. Similarly, the simple piano riff in Rhye’s “The Fall” is still stuck in my head over a year after I first heard it, and I believe that the track’s raw emotionality is absolutely unparalleled in modern music. Whether it’s the lyrics, the emotions, or the goosebumps that come from hearing a great song for the first time, every now and then, a song can really feel perfect. And then, on a gloomy New York morning, “Palace” by the Antlers stops by your depressing cubicle on a seemingly endless Monday and leaves you absolutely speechless, rendering you unable to continue doing anything productive until you’ve replayed the track at least seven more times.


Introducing: Billionaire


Few people have a better understanding about the difficulties that arise between socioeconomic classes than the Brits. There’s a reason George Bernard Shaw also founded the London School of Economics.

John Sterry (a.k.a. BILLIONAIRE) is the latest London artist to offer his take on class struggle and what it means for individuals overstepping society’s lines. “Poverty Line” meshes a lo-fi sound with a dark message, a combination that makes for a double whammy when the chorus hits. Lines like “Nobody will every love you when you’re at the poverty line” may be blunt, but the song’s minimalist, brooding sound is the perfect vehicle to deliver this kind of message. Stream “Poverty Line” below.


Velociraptor – Ramona

velociraptor ramona

Australia’s raddest twelve-piece Velociraptor is back with a brand new track: “Ramona.” Their latest single is an explosive bit of doo-wop garage rock made for a 21st century sock hop. If unadulterated pop hooks and electric guitar are your kind of thing, you will feel right at home with this one. Stream “Ramona” below.

STREAM: Velociraptor – “Ramona”

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Strange Colores

The video for Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks latest track ”Strange Colores” should come with a seizure warning. It’s a quick-cutting, light-flashing slice of chaos as Tare and company trade the horror show for the fun house. The song, however, has a simple, repetitive structure, but there’s still a rush of exhilaration when the chorus hits and the band breathlessly sings — almost chants — a hypnotic string of syllables. Two tracks in and we already have reason to be very hopeful for their upcoming debut.

Check out “Strange Colores” above, and watch out for Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’s Enter the Slasher House, out April 7th/8th via Domino Records.