The Hood Internet – Honest Season (Future x Future Islands)


At this point, a new track from The Hood Internet is not a matter of suspense. Spending the better part of a decade making consistently entertaining mashups of hip hop and everything else can create that kind of faith in listeners. So it’s no surprise that “Honest Season,” which takes Future’s “Honest” and the suddenly buzzing “Seasons (Waiting On You)” by Future Islands, makes a fun, unexpected marriage. Future takes over vocal duties from Samuel Herring, and while it would be blasphemous to say he’s improved on what was there, the switch isn’t nearly as jarring as it might seem. Really, Future Islands’ instrumentation is a game changer in place of the somewhat forgettable keyboard and synth beat from “Honest.” The two songs end up on a similar tonal wavelength, and once again we get to thank The Hood Internet for giving us a mashup we didn’t even know we needed. Check it out below.

The Hood Internet will playing the next edition of All Things Gold this Thursday, April 10th at U Street Music Hall. Advance tickets are available at the link below. Get to it!

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STREAM: The Hood Internet – “Honest Seasons (Future x Future Islands)”

#TBT: Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (Cheapshot Remix)


Cheapshot makes a repeat appearance in this week’s #TBT as he takes on a remix of Missy Elliot’s 2001 hit, “Get Ur Freak On.” The original comes off her third album, Miss E… So Addictive, and was a personal favorite back in the day. Cheapshot’s remix infuses the original with an electronic glossiness that somehow makes the song even more catchy. Put your game down, flip it and reverse it below.

STREAM: Missy Elliot – “Get Your Freak On (DJ Cheapshot Remix)”

Drake – Draft Day

Drake Draft Day Free Download

Nothing’s been the same for Drake since revealing his soft side, but on his brand spankin’ new freestyle “Draft Day,” Drizzy reminds us all that he’s still the boy from Toronto. Sampling Lauryn Hill’s 1998 hit “Doo Wop (That Thing),” the track references the NFL Draft and Johnny Manziel to Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games. And then out of nowhere, Drake goes in and disses newcomer Chance The Rapper and all the A-list married couples. When you’re having the best year ever, shouldn’t everyone know about it?

Scroll down and put this song on blast right now. And if it makes you feel some type of way, download that sucker punch because it’s FREE.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – “Draft Day”

Jack Steadman – In The Morning

jack steadman bombay bicycle club in the morning

Jack Steadman has been building an electronic portfolio on the side for the past three years. His day job — lead vocalist for Bombay Bicycle Club — deals primarily with indie rock, delving into the electronic world on occasion. Steadman’s solo project, however, is all electronic, making use of non-Bombay sounds like hip-hop beats and distorted samples to create something entirely different.

Steadman’s body of work consists largely of experimental vignettes and remixes, but his latest track “In The Morning” is his most complete piece yet. The track centers around a sample of a gospel rendition of the classic American folk song “O Death,” which when coupled with a fast-paced, sinister beat evokes a sense of eternal (but listenable) dread. With the ominous plea to a higher power, asking to “spare me over another year,” Steadman reminds us fools that we won’t be tearing up dance floors to these sounds forever and each year is a grace. Download a free copy of “In The Morning” below.

DOWNLOAD: Jack Steadman – “In The Morning”

George Barnett – 3 Statues

george barnett 3 statues

George Barnett qualifies himself as a pop virtuoso on “3 Statues.” The Herefordshire artist’s latest single not only finds Mr. Barnett in full vocal form, but he also takes on all production and recording duties on this one. A rare breed indeed. Fans of Justin Timberlake and Mute Math will enjoy this slice of funk and hip-hop influenced pop music. Stream “3 Statues” below.

STREAM: George Barnett – “3 Statues”

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Royal Refix)


Royal gets eclectic with his remix of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You.” The DC producer uses a little bit of everything — trap, hip-hop, jersey club — to create a feel-good take on the 2010 track that blasts the competition out of the water. Stream it below.

DOWNLOAD: Flight Facilities – “Crave You (Royal Refix)”

Chance The Rapper – Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)


Chance, you scamp. You benevolent, glorious scamp. Earlier this morning, the artist more commonly known as Chance The Rapper posted the following tweet…


#TBT: The Melker Project – Scar Tissue Make You Act Right


Today, on a very breezy Thursday, we are once again featuring the throwback efforts of Mr. Scott Melker. On his fifth and latest EP, Melker blends iconic Red Hot Chili Peppers songs with the sounds of rap artists like 2 Chainz, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugz. Standout “Scar Tissue Make You Act Right” seamlessly merges RHCP’s 1999 hit “Scar Tissue” with Yo Gotti’s “Act Right.” It seems awkward at first, but Melker makes the two songs work together. The end product sounds like an acoustic version of a trap anthem. Now you have to hear it, right? Stream the mash-up below.

STREAM: The Melker Project – “Scar Tissue Make You Act Right”

Jhene Aiko – My Afternoon Dream


2014 is shaping up to be a good year for Jhene Aiko. Building off of her haunting feature on Drake’s “From Time,” which she also performed on SNL, the Los Angeles based singer released her debut Sail Out EP in November. Since then she’s been popping up all over the place doing feature-spots and press in the lead-up to her forthcoming full-length debut.

Ms. Aiko turned 26 yesterday and decided to give her fans a birthday present in the form of new track “My Afternoon Dream.” The song features lush production from Key Wayne, utilizing a piano loop and strings along with a simple beat and bassline. Aiko’s vocals provide bring some dreaminess to the music, her gentle crooning at times giving way to a bouncy, almost rap delivery, but never losing its measured quality. The pace and mood of the song make it perfect for a rainy day. “My afternoon dream / When the world is sleeping / I am still thinking / Of my blue dream / It’s bliss.” Aiko has ensured that the bliss is all on the listener’s side.

Stream Jhene Aiko’s “My Afternoon Dream” below, and stay tuned for her Souled Out LP, out May 2014.

STREAM: Jhene Aiko – “My Afternoon Dream”

Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo – Hero


Converse released this year’s “Three Artists, One Track” today, their ninth installment in what has become the musical equivalent of Groundhog Day: the track that answers the question of when summer is coming, and what it sounds like. This year’s collab, “Hero,” features two members of The Clash (Paul Simonon and Mick Jones), producer Diplo and a dormant-since-Channel-Orange Frank Ocean. These collaborations are typically an exercise in proving that the quality of your product is never based on the quality of your ingredients, as fitting far-flung combinations of sound and style together ends up delightful yet never completely well-rounded. This year our artists not only hit the right balance, but went for a children’s choir as backup, which everyone everywhere can get on board with. Sounds like it’ll be a soulful, heady summer. Stream “Hero” below.

STREAM: Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo – “Hero”