Velociraptor – Ramona

velociraptor ramona

Australia’s raddest twelve-piece Velociraptor is back with a brand new track: “Ramona.” Their latest single is an explosive bit of doo-wop garage rock made for a 21st century sock hop. If unadulterated pop hooks and electric guitar are your kind of thing, you will feel right at home with this one. Stream “Ramona” below.

STREAM: Velociraptor – “Ramona”

Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo – Hero


Converse released this year’s “Three Artists, One Track” today, their ninth installment in what has become the musical equivalent of Groundhog Day: the track that answers the question of when summer is coming, and what it sounds like. This year’s collab, “Hero,” features two members of The Clash (Paul Simonon and Mick Jones), producer Diplo and a dormant-since-Channel-Orange Frank Ocean. These collaborations are typically an exercise in proving that the quality of your product is never based on the quality of your ingredients, as fitting far-flung combinations of sound and style together ends up delightful yet never completely well-rounded. This year our artists not only hit the right balance, but went for a children’s choir as backup, which everyone everywhere can get on board with. Sounds like it’ll be a soulful, heady summer. Stream “Hero” below.

STREAM: Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo – “Hero”

Festival Fever: Skaters

One band we’re excited to catch at SXSW 2014 is Skaters. Sure, they’re playing Wednesday’s Lawn Party — stop reading and RSVP if you haven’t already — but watching them perform tunes off their debut Manhattan LP has been on our to-do list for a while now. To tide us over for the next few days, the NYC outfit filmed a few videos with in which they talk about band origins, the new album and the upcoming festival, on top of performing Manhattan tracks “Schemers” and “I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How).” Watch the interview above and check out the rest after the jump.

And don’t forget, All Things Go is presenting two shows at SXSW this week. RSVP and details via the links below.

RSVP: SXSW Lawn Party
RSVP: ATG x Indie Shuffle Official Showcase


Mac DeMarco – Brother


Mac DeMarco is back with another single from his forthcoming album Salad Days. This one’s called “Brother” and it’s a slower take on the winning DeMarco formula. “Take it slowly, brother / Let it go now, brother,” Mac sings calmly over intricate, warm guitarwork and a funky bassline. It’s often on the slower songs that he is able to say some surprisingly insightful things. In this case it’s offering advice for the dreamers out there to not get lost in a 9 to 5 world. Mac DeMarco is not a 9 to 5 kind of guy — if that wasn’t obvious — and how can we resist? His goofy charm oozes out of the song whether it’s the expletive that opens it (an exasperated “Shit”) or the unabashedly loopy falsetto that ends it. If all work and no play makes Mac a dull boy, then no one needs to worry, slacking has never sounded better.

Listen to “Brother” below, and look out for Mac DeMarco’s Salad Daysout April 1st on Captured Tracks.

STREAM: Mac DeMarco – “Brother”

Ticket Giveaway: The Hives @ 9:30 Club


The Hives exploded onto the scene in the early ’00s with the release of Veni Vidi Vicious. The album title itself is a play on words from Julius Caesar’s quote, “Veni, vidi, vici,” which in English translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Conquering is just what the Hives did as they took over U.S. airwaves with their hit single “Hate To Say I Told You So.” Since then the band has been hard at work creating new music and in 2012 they released their fifth studio album, Lex Hives.

On Tuesday, December 10th the Swedish garage rockers will be gracing the 9:30 Club stage with another one of their signature live performances and we here at ATG would like to send a lucky fan to the show with a pair of free tickets. For a chance to win simply jump down to the comments section and finish this sentence. My favorite rock band of all time is __________ . The rest of you can snag tickets here.

STREAM: The Hives – “Wait A Minute”

Introducing: Dumb

The wave of new talent coming out of Birmingham’s Btown scene seems neverending, especially with the recent formation of indie-rock outfit Dumb. The foursome have already gained the approval of Brit-pop royalty by signing to Jon Brookes’ (The Charlatans) label One Beat Records. It’s fitting given the style of Dumb’s music — 90’s garage rock revival with lashings of reverberation and droning vocals. Early signs are good, with airplay of their latest single “Retina” on a multitude of radio stations including BBC Radio 1.

“Retina” is a mature release given their age (all band members are still under 20 years old) and feels cut from the same cloth as Pixies. The video’s set against the grungy city skyline on a rooftop in Digbeth, known locally as the Dalston of Birmingham. It’s a creative hub and placing a band atop it makes a very bold statement about their intentions on the scene. Watch it above.

STREAM: Dumb – “Retina”


Meet MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR, a garage-pop band from Austin, Texas. Originally consisting of four members, current lead-men Andrew Torrey and Adrian Sebastian decided to take the band in a new direction after recording their first EP. Namely, that new direction is their current brazen two-man approach. “Scream Queen,” is their first release after refocusing their energies, and the track has a unique quality that is somehow simultaneously raw and polished. This is a band that plays your house party tomorrow and then the festival circuit next summer.

Watch the accompanying video for “Scream Queen” above, which puts a sinister twist on your run-of-the-mill college house party.

Stream:  MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR – “Scream Queen” 

Jacuzzi Boys – Double Vision


Miami is known for a lot of things. Garage rock isn’t one of them. The Jacuzzi Boys, however, have been working on changing their city’s reputation since 2007 by churning out their very own blend of carefree, sun-baked, psychedelic garage rock. Their latest release “Double Vision” is a bright, accessible track that is chock full of phasers and reverb, giving credence to arguments that they be among the most significant bands Miami has produced in years. Stream it below.

STREAM: Jacuzzi Boys – “Double Vision” 

Adult Swim – Garage Swim

Garage Swim_5x5

As we mentioned in last week’s post on Thee Oh Sees, Adult Swim has brought together a handful of garage rock heavyweights for a free compilation album, aptly titled Garage Swim. Through a partnership with Williams Street Records, the media house has released nearly 20 albums over the past 6 years, but this latest project is surely a standout. Garage Swim is a gritty 52-minutes-worth of raucous head banging that features 15 as of now unreleased tracks from the likes of Mikal Cronin, The Black Lips and more.

Download Garage Swim for free here or stream it below.

STREAM: Adult Swim – Garage Swim 

Thee Oh Sees – Devil Again


Thee Oh Sees haven’t always been the band you see today. The psych-rock stalwarts began as the one-man side project of John Dwyer and over the next decade slowly evolved into its current four-member iteration, changing names five times along the way. One thing that has been constant about The Oh Sees, however, is their tendency to put out good music.

For their latest venture, Thee Oh Sees have teamed up with Adult Swim and a handful of garage rock heavy hitters for Garage Swim. The compilation album features tracks by Mikal Cronin, King Tuff, The Black Lips and King Kahn to name a few. Thee Oh Sees’ contribution, “Devil Again,” has been offered up as the first taste from this album. It’s the type of straightforward, head bangin’ rock song that you love to hear from these guys. Stream it below.

STREAM: The Oh Sees – “Devil Again”