HAIM – If I Could Change Your Mind (Cerrone Funk Mix)

CERRONE Marc 02-2009

Another HAIM remix? For realz, ATG?

I know what you’re thinking, folks, but hang tight and give that little triangle a click. This one’s been making the rounds on the interwebs for a reason: it’s helmed by legendary producer Cerrone. One imagines the french studio impresario, known for his massive successes in 1970s dance music, must have caught the Daft Punk performance at this year’s Grammys whilst flipping channels before exclaiming “Sacrebleu! Disco est revenu!” and making a mad dash for the beat lab, ready to spruce up a popular track with funky bass and ecstatic horns. And so he did, ladies and gentlemen — so he did. Truth be told, the original cut of this song is among my least favorite on HAIM’s excellent debut, but this mix? It burns, baby. Burns.

STREAM: Haim – “If I Could Change Your Mind (Cerrone Funk Mix)”

George Barnett – 3 Statues

george barnett 3 statues

George Barnett qualifies himself as a pop virtuoso on “3 Statues.” The Herefordshire artist’s latest single not only finds Mr. Barnett in full vocal form, but he also takes on all production and recording duties on this one. A rare breed indeed. Fans of Justin Timberlake and Mute Math will enjoy this slice of funk and hip-hop influenced pop music. Stream “3 Statues” below.

STREAM: George Barnett – “3 Statues”

Kelis – Rumble


Ever since her single “Jerk Ribs” came out last year, I’ve been hungry for more of FOODKelis’s upcoming new album produced by Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio). I’ll be the first to admit that before her new tracks, I wrote Kelis off as the “Milkshake” girl, surely a one-hit wonder left to moulder in oversexed obscurity. That was a mistake. A big one. Kelis has moved on from milkshakes to more nourishing fare, with influences including classic soul, funk and a Harlem childhood spent singing in church choirs. It turns out that these suit her immensely better, and I put this record at the top of my most-anticipated for 2014.

“Rumble” is another retro-flavored, horn-laced jam that shows off Kelis’s ability to pull back vocally. FOOD comes out April 22nd on Ninja Tune and is available to pre-order on iTunes. Stream “Rumble” below.

STREAM: Kelis – “Rumble”

Elliot Moss – Big Bad Wolf


Elliot Moss turns electro-soul on its head with new track “Big Bad Wolf.” The New York musician already meets par for the genre course with his smooth croon, but what makes Moss stand out from the rest of the pack is his incorporation of funk, jazz and ambient elements into his music; “Big Bad Wolf” takes lessons from seemingly disparate artists like Radiohead and Mute Math, which makes the track all the more fascinating of a listen. Stream it below.

STREAM: Elliot Moss – “Big Bad Wolf”

City Rain – What’s In Store


City Rain are gearing up for a big 2014. The Philly duo, comprised of Ben Runyan and Scott Cumpstone, recently won the mtvU Freshmen contest and got their video for “The Optimist” in full rotation on the network. This March they are preparing to release a brand new LP, Songs For a High School Dance. As a show of gratitude to all their loyal fans, they decided to release a brand new track last night entitled “What’s In Store.” It comes packed with huge doses of energy and some funky electric guitar. Give it a listen and snag a free download below.

MP3: City Rain – “What’s In Store”

Introducing: Arkon Fly

There isn’t too much information out there on Arkon Fly. The London duo arrived on the scene a few months back with “Through the Fire,” a funk-infused dance track that garnered comparisons to Disclosure. And while I still know almost absolutely nothing about these two, I am certain of one thing: Arkon Fly know how to jam. Their newest single “Back Seat” combines the best bits of ’80s pop and R&B. It’s got soulful vocals, a bright synth line and a dance-ready funky beat. In fact, it reminds me of old school New Edition and The Gap Band. Add to that some modern house elements and you have got a track so undeniable, you’re sure to be toe tapping before the end of it. Give “Back Seat” a listen below.

STREAM: Arkon Fly – “Back Seat”

Chromeo – Sexy Socialite


There’s something incredibly bold about Chromeo‘s approach to music. The electro-funk duo have never been shy about their influences, gleefully imitating ’70s and ’80s disco and pop to continued great effect. Dave1 and P-Thugg know their formula and they know their strengths. Sometimes that’s all that’s required. New single “Sexy Socialite” is just another day at the office for the pair: six minutes of joyous, tongue-in-cheek party music that should get even the biggest grump out on the dance floor.

Chromeo are intent on reminding us to step back once in a while and remember that music is supposed to be fun. Take a refresher and stream “Sexy Socialite” below.

STREAM: Chromeo – “Sexy Socialite”

Jungle – The Heat

The Jungle’s newest release is a testament to how great a song can be when it has a solid groove. “The Heat” packs in several elements–a siren, effortless vocals, smooth harmonies, and even an organ–but I always keep coming back to that bass. The London-based duo somehow combine electronic pop with a funky bass line that could have been lifted out of the 70s. It makes me want to start a Soul Train line in my living room, cheesy moves and all.

“The Heat” will be on the Jungle’s debut EP of the same name, which will be released stateside via B3SCI Records on October 21st. Click here to pre-order the album.

STREAM: Jungle – “The Heat”

YellowStraps x Moodprint – Landscapes

Belgian groups YellowStraps and Moodprint have joined forces for the first time on their new single “Landscapes.” For genre’s sake, I’m going to dub this one “ambient funk.” The beats on “Landscapes” are oozing with pleasantly repetitive synths and atmospheric sounds, while Yvan Murenzi’s (YellowStraps) lyrics drip over the instrumentals like melted butter on a 5-pound Maine lobster. The words loop seamlessly into each other; “The sea’s the way / We seize the day / The sea’s our way to seize the day / We ride away.” It’s a tongue twister really – a sexier she sells seashells by the sea shore, if you will. One listen and you’ll find it hard not to fall in a trance. Watch above or stream below.

STREAM: YellowStraps x Moodprint – “Landscapes”

PREMIERE: Kool Head – Stick Up Kids (Prod. Joywave)


We were already excited about “Brooklanta” duo Kool Head after hearing the funky, hip hop inflected subterranean disco of their debut track, “Leon.” But when they sent us the Joywave-produced “Stick Up Kids,” it became a love thing. “Stick Up Kids” is a fully formed dramatic new wave pop opus, slowly building toward a cathartic conclusion vaguely reminiscent of David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” Kool Head is no one-trick indie dance pony; they’re an emerging pop force that genuinely transcends genres in an unpretentious and soulful way. We aren’t the only ones preaching the Kool Wave gospel; the duo just landed a publishing deal with Shapiro Bernstein / All Right Music (of AIR fame) and is currently shooting videos, recording their debut EP and generally charting a path for musical world domination. Good looks. Snag a free copy of “Stick Up Kids” below.

DOWNLOAD: Kool Head – “Stick Up Kids” [PREMIERE]