A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night

A$AP Rocky, Skrillex and the rest of the Mob fly down to the Dominican Republic in Rocky’s video for “Wild For The Night.” Lord Flacko and co. forgo filming at the usual vacation spots, instead bringing the single’s hybrid hip-hop dubstep to the slums of the D.R. Watch it above.

A$AP Rocky’s LONG. LIVE. A$AP. is available now via RCA.

STREAM: A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night”

James Blake – Digital Lion / Voyeur

Fans of James Blake — let’s be honest, that should be all of you — will be pleased to hear that today we get to listen to not just one, but two new tracks off of his upcoming sophomore LP, Overgrown. Cue excitement.

The first new track is “Digital Lion,” a collaboration with esteemed English ambient-electronic producer Brian Eno. Blake and Eno working together is a match made in electronic heaven, and this track only drives the point home. “Digital Lion” beautifully combines the soul-crushing, duplicated vocals of Blake with Eno’s ominous production fingerprint. The end result is one of Blake’s best tracks yet and already one of Overgrown‘s highlights.

The second new track is “Voyeur,” albeit a “dub” version, meaning it will probably sound a bit different on the record. The six-minute track starts out very much like “The Wilhelm Scream” or “I Never Learnt To Share”; Blake repeats one vocal section, torturing it through endless reverb until its ingrained in the listener’s mind. A couple minutes into the song, however, it transforms into a UK club banger, perhaps indicative of a side of Blake we have yet to see. Filled with frightening synth blasts, a dizzying keyboard riff and a cowbell for good measure, “Voyeur” is definitely a change of pace, but one that lets us know he’s willing to experiment. When it comes to James Blake, that’s saying a lot.

James Blake’s Overgrown will drop April 8th via Altas/Republic Records.

STREAM: James Blake – “Digital Lion (ft. Brian Eno)”

STREAM: James Blake – “Voyeur (Dub)”

James Blake – Retrograde

James Blake made news today with the announcement of a new album, Overgrown, along with the premiere of its first single, “Retrograde”, on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 program. The track puts Blake’s distinct vocals first, warbling over lo-fi piano chords before a steady marching clap adds structure and pace. It’s a promising hint at what’s to come. Take a listen to the “Retrograde” radio rip below.

James Blake’s Overgrown is set for release on April 8th.

STREAM: James Blake – “Retrograde”

Watch the Duck – Poppin’ Off

If you believe in cinemagraphic truisms of the Hollywood gospel—and who doesn’t—you know that before a hero can take on a trying physical endeavor, he must learn the true meaning behind a mentor figure’s cryptic mantra and channel it into something like enlightenment. At least, this is the only explanation I can muster for how the guys behind Atlanta’s Watch The Duck can pull off the dance moves featured in the video for “Poppin’ Off.” The DJ/instrumentalist trio’s name comes from the adage that while ducks may look calm on the surface, they’re always kicking like crazy beneath the water just to stay afloat. When things get tough, the group keeps it light by reminding each other to always watch the duck. Cool, yeah? Bow to your sensei.

Even if their trailblazing blend of dubstep and trap rap isn’t your solo cup of tea, the video is worth checking out to get your fix of insane clubby dance offs. The whole vibe captures the band’s commitment to bringing the party and giving it their all. Bassist Eddie Smith notes, “The VIP is the dance floor. That’s how you prove your importance. You’ve got to bring something to the table. It’s not about how much. It’s about how unique.”

If you agree, make sure to grab their newish mixtape RUB-A-DUB (yep, that’s R&B + Dub Step) on their soundcloud page. And above all, remember to watch the duck.

STREAM: Watch the Duck – “Poppin’ Off”

Ifan Dafydd – To Me

Ifan Dafydd

A few months back, a track bearing the name “No Good” and a familiar synthed-up R&B reverb sound set the blogosphere aflame with the plausibility of a new James Blake alias/side project. These rumors have been extinguished with the public debut of Ifan Dafydd, the young Welshman behind February(ish)’s “No Good.” Dafydd now brings us “To Me,” laying down all the decadent layers of an expertly-crafted tiramisu, so flawless that I’m not confident we should be so hasty to file his identity case as closed. Did you notice, for instance, that Ifan Dafydd is an anagram for…um…Add Daffy In? OK, fine, maybe he is just a crazy-talented newcomer; to quote Elizabeth Bishop: “in a state of controlled panic, a student of Blake.” Keeping my eye on this one.

STREAM: Ifan Dafydd – “To Me”

James Blake – Curbside

With his newest track “Curbside”, from his next EP Love What Happened Here (due out next month), authentic-dubstep wunderkind James Blake strays from the mellow, piano-driven ballads of his October EP Enough Thunder for a foray into the more experimental. Gone is the soft crooning and rippling basslines of his previous releases, replaced by an almost industrial drumbeat and a looped horn sample from early 2000’s producer Quasimoto. Fans of Blake’s earlier work will either be pleased to see him branching out, or will be left scratching their heads in disbelief.

STREAM: James Blake – “Curbside”

Headliners: New Jonsi Tracks

NPR: Jonsi releases some new songs as part of the soundtrack for Cameron Crowe’s latest film, We Bought A Zoo.

Pitchfork: Catch footage from Sonic Youth’s perhaps final show in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

SXSW: The Austin, TX music festival announces the second round of artists playing in 2012.

NME: The Libertines’ Pete Doherty is convinced that his flat is being haunted by Amy Winehouse’s spirit. Yipes, g-g-g-g-ghosts!

Rolling Stone: Adele is “on the mend” after throat surgery.

Hipster Runoff: Jeopardy contestants unable to identify Foster the People as a clue. Is mainstream America too alt?

Village Voice: We all love to hate Nickelback.

MP3: Mr. Little Jeans – “The Suburbs (Cry Wolf Remix)

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (SBTRKT Remix)

Frank Ocean is so smooth he once successfully sold me a beach house in Idaho. His Lincoln Town Car is full of broken hearts (read: dead bodies) and I would still accept a ride from him. He can’t play guitar like Van Halen, nor does he have any secret chords like Saint David, but I am still obsessed with every song in my iTunes with his name on it. So when you combine that kind of suavity with London-based dubstep producer SBTRKT’s ambient synths and semi broken beat drums, you pretty much have a recipe for the sexiest song…ever. The day after Ocean’s first London gig, SBTRKT released this epic reedit of Ocean’s “Thinking About You,” and the product is every bit as good as the pitch. The original track is still clearly intact beneath SBTRKT’s subtly interspersed post-dub beat, leaving us with a fantastic, seamless reinterpretation that you’d be crazy not to play during your next makeout sesh.

STREAM: Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You (SBTRKT Remix)”

Willy Joy – The Fall Mix 2011

‘Tis the season for mixtapes and since it’s been a while since we’ve done one (ed. note: got one baking in the oven as we speak), here’s one from Plant Music artist and Chicago native Willy Joy. It features everything from house to dubstep to techno to moombahton, which was born and raised right here in Washington, DC.  Tittsworth and Alvin Risk’s ‘Pendejas’ make an appearance on the mix, serving as the cherry on top of a delicious Chocolate City sundae.

Check the tracklist after the jump, and be sure to catch Willy Joy when he comes to U St. Music Hall with Designer Drugs on October 6th.

DOWNLOAD: Willy Joy – The Fall Mix 2011


Tittsworth & Alvin Risk – Pendejas

Since Tittsworth and Alvin Risk‘s Two Strokes Raw EP dropped, DC dance floors have been 100% fueled by “Pendejas” — an utterly massive Moombahton tune from the heavy-hitting producers. The official video captures the duo action, as well as the original Moombahton party, Tropixx, at the Velvet Lounge where Mr. Nada started it all. Grab the EP on iTunes or Beatport.

MP3: Tittsworth & Alvin Risk – “Pendejas”