The new video for Daft Punk‘s “Instant Crush” tackles familiar themes for the band: the power of love, the hunger of longing and the ways in which we find beauty in an increasingly artificial world. Two diorama mannequins, a soldier (resembling Julian Casablancas) and a country maiden stare at one another across a museum hall, separated by glass and their own lack of humanity. The mannequins are moved around by museum staff, threatened by a child with a slingshot, mocked by the janitors and eventually taken to a storage room, seemingly separated forever. There are intercut shots of the real Casablancas singing and dancing in a dark, red room. He has perhaps never looked so much the part of the grungy, self-assured rockstar, all leather jacket and inexplicable pieces of flair as he calmly grooves in a single spotlight. As the final chorus hits, the storage room catches fire and the two plastic lovers are reunited, if only briefly, as they literally melt into each other. It’s a fatalistic dioromance that might give listeners something to think about the next time they’re losing themselves to dance. Check it out above.

STREAM: Daft Punk – “Instant Crush (Ft. Julian Casablancas)”