Festival Fever: Torres

Add Torres to your list of artists to catch at SXSW. The Nashville singer-songwriter beyond impresses with just her voice and guitar, not unlike Daughter. Get to know her via these Diffuser.fm videos, which include performances of “A Proper Polish Welcome” and “Strange Hellos,” after the jump.

And don’t forget, All Things Go is teaming up with Indie Shuffle for an extra rad showcase at Maggie Mae’s Rooftop this Friday with Ghost Beach, Joywave, Wolf Alice and more. Details at the link below.

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Lowell – Palm Trees

Lowell is back with a video for “Palm Trees.” She takes on all the production duties here, creating a short-form DIY cinematic experience for the I Killed Sara V track. The video opens on Lowell lying still on her side, looking longingly off-camera and mouthing the lyrics as different patterns of light cover her. Once the song builds up, she is constantly interrupted by different versions of herself, which range from guitarist to bunny hopper.

Lowell uses projections of an old school movie to tell the story of what appears to be a typical summer movie fling. Cut to a close-up shot of the back of Lowell’s thighs when the surfer stud disappears and the plot takes a turn for the bizarre. The visuals begin to alternate between this story and shots of Lowell appearing to rise and float in the clouds. Lose yourself in the video above.

Lowell will be playing the All Things Go and Indie Shuffle official SXSW showcase at Maggie Mae’s Rooftop on Friday, March 14th. Details available at the link below.

RSVP: ATG x Indie Shuffle Official Showcase

STREAM: Lowell – “Palm Trees”

Future Islands – A Dream Of You And Me

We didn’t cover the last awesome single from this beautiful band. That was a mistake. But luckily no one put us in blog jail so we’re still around, and they released another, and here it is.

Future Islands is a band I wish I’d discovered earlier. This North Carolina-bred, Baltimore-based trio manages to hit just about every referential sweet spot without feeling at all contrived. Their music seamlessly combines the sensual pleasures of electro-pop with the emotional resonance of good old fashioned rock songwriting. It’s at once ambient and energetic, romantic and introspective, meditative and anthemic. Sam Herring’s arresting vocals, equal parts Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen, provide the compelling lead presence often missing in other electronic-leaning acts. The instrumental backdrop evokes the simple, bass-driven melodicism of New Wave artists like Modern English and New Order, as well as the glimmering, spacey atmospherics of Superhumanoids, Blood Orange and Destroyer. Thematically, as Harris puts it, Future Islands writes “songs about love and loss and nature, just real things.”


Dawn Golden – All I Want

“But life is short / And I don’t care for most of it / Because you’re all that I want.” These are the lines that walk you into the chorus of Dawn Golden‘s heartbreaking single “All I Want.” The track is a slow-burner that begins with nothing but keys and Dexter Tortoriello’s voice, but all that swells into a cascading, percussion-heavy breakdown that still gives us chills every time we listen. It’s a hell of a payoff.

The track has a beautiful video to match thanks to one of our favorite directors, Tyler T. Williams. It’s a sci-fi tale of love and dementia that, despite sounding a bit over the top, fits the song perfectly. Watch it above.

“All I Want” appears on Dawn Golden’s Still Life, out now via Mad Decent.

STREAM: Dawn Golden – “All That I Want”

Magic Man – Paris

Magic Man bring out the big guns in their new video for “Paris.” Reality and fantasy intermingle in the Mimi Cave-directed piece as the band and dancers perform while their bodies drift in and out of existence. In short, “holy shit this video is amazing.” See for yourself and watch it above.

Magic Man’s You Are Here EP is out now via Columbia.

STREAM: Magic Man – “Paris”

Real Estate – Crime

In their cheeky new video for “Crime,” Real Estate literally demonstrate how to play it. We are given a close-up of Matthew Mondanile and Martin Courtney’s guitars, as a strumming pattern with finger positions for each of their parts of the song goes by. It’s a fun, simple visual, and one that perfectly demonstrates the band’s commitment to playing solid, no-frills rock music. There’s no magic here, the notes are right in front of us, but the song is another earworm to add to their growing list. It’s fitting that Courtney and Mondanile should get their chance to shine alone here, as their intricate guitar work and warm tones have long been the heart and soul of the New Jersey jangle rock outfit. Watch the video for “Crime” above.

Real Estate’s new album Atlas will be available March 4th via Domino Records.


Video Premiere: Mideau – Way With Words

One man. One shot. A thousand dance moves. Mideau do a lot with seemingly little in their new video for indie-pop gem “Way With Words.” But dancing has proven before to be all you need to make a fantastic video. Jonathan Frey, the dapperly-dressed star of this piece, does his best Walken-of-Choice in front of a simple red background, and the results are mesmerizing. Oh, and did we mention the song is incredible? Watch it above.

STREAM: Mideau – “Way With Words”

Big Data – Dangerous (Ft. Joywave)

Hot chicks, sweet kicks and notepad dicks. Well, there’s only about a second’s worth of that last one, but together they all make for an incredible video for Big Data‘s “Dangerous.” Watch above as advertising execs pitch a sex- and violence-filled commercial for an imaginary brand of sneakers based off the song. It’s hilarious and by far already one of our favorite videos of the year.

Big Data’s 1.0 and 1.5 EPs are available now via iTunes.

STREAM: Big Data – “Dangerous (Ft. Joywave)”

Badboxes – The Mystery

Northern pop trio Badboxes have been hustling since the release of their JSMN EP this time last year. The latest to come from their camp is a video for “The Mystery,” a beautiful visual companion to the simple, uncharted sound they have achieved.

The video is a monochromatic glimpse into a sci-fi future in which robots are marginalized by humankind (but still ride kickass retro motorcycles). Imagine I, Robot meets Daft Punk meets Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive, but with cascading synths and a powerfully smooth saxophone lick. I’m not exactly sure why our mechanical protagonist is getting beaten up in the video, but if I had to guess I’d say the humans are jealous of that dope glowing face mask.

“The Mystery” has the production quality you’d expect from massive international acts. Although the bar for future videos has been set pretty high, we’re sure Badboxes won’t have any problem matching it again. Watch the video above and make sure to grab the deluxe edition of JSMN on iTunes.

STREAM: Badboxes – “The Mystery”

TacocaT – Crimson Wave

Seattle’s TacocaT is spelled the same backwards and forwards. The four-piece punk band has been putting out upbeat music with a sense of humor since 2008, but they’ve topped themselves with their new music video for “Crimson Wave.” Invoking a pivotal line from Clueless, “Crimson Wave” is about exactly what it sounds like. The video is a fun surf throwback, featuring green screen waves, giant crabs, mermaids and plenty of inventive euphemisms (I think my favorite is “There are communists/In the summer house.”) It’s another great addition to any period playlist.

Tacocat’s new full-length NVM comes out February 25th on Hardly Art. Watch the video above or stream the song below.

STREAM: TacoCat – “Crimson Wave”