Zhu – Cocaine Model

zhu cocaine model

The mysterious Zhu has finally dropped his Nightday EP. The six-track collection includes the previously-released “Superfriends,” “Faded” and “Paradise Awaits” along with new tracks “The One,” “Stay Closer” and, my favorite, “Cocaine Model.” Zhu’s vocals appear front and center in the latter three, especially on “Cocaine Model,” in which the Cali artist serenades the listener with a sexy R&B narrative. Even though Zhu still manages to keep his identity under wraps, we can’t help but feel like we know him a little bit more after hearing this electro-soul gem. Give “Cocaine Model” a listen below.

STREAM: Zhu – “Cocaine Model”

BOOTS – Dreams (Ft. Beyoncé)


Dark, synthy, secretive NYC producer BOOTS just yesterday released the opening track to his forthcoming mixtape, and with “Dreams” he’s now released its closing. This track is a smoother, soulful turn from his previous work, but BOOTS wears sweetness well. He relayed in a status update that every cent of this song’s proceeds will go to Day One, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting teenage girls from dating violence.

The track also features the relatively unknown artist “Beyoncé.” BOOTS contributed to the production of her latest album, otherwise little is known of her. Only time will tell.

STREAM: BOOTS – “Dreams (Ft. Beyoncé)”

Panama Wedding – All Of The People (RAC Remix)

panama wedding all of the people rac remix

Though this song is officially a remix, RAC‘s take on Panama Wedding‘s “All Of The People” feels more like an acoustic cover. Andre Anjos’ usual approach is to take a song with a subtle beat and catchy melody, and enhance it with electronic bells and whistles. This time, however, he does the exact opposite, stripping down Panama Wedding’s original and giving it a more organic, guitar-based feel. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised and stream the remix below.

STREAM: Panama Wedding – “All Of The People (RAC Remix)”

Premiere: Young Heel – Someone’s Touch

Young Heel - Press Photo

Our love for Brooklyn-based experimental pop outfit Young Heel is quite well professed here, so we can skip the introductions and jump right into the meaty stuff. Clay Bassford and co. are back with a brand new bag of tricks and a slick new Tuff EP, due out May 26th on Sound Appropriate Records. The release’s lead single, “Someone’s Touch,” strips away the thickly-layered instrumentation we’re accustomed to, opting for a sultrier sound. Breathy vocals and slow-burning synths are replaced by subterranean bass hits and arpeggiators. Give “Someone’s Touch” a first listen below and prepare yourself for some more white-boys-in-white-tees R&B coming your way this Spring.

STREAM: Young Heel – “Someone’s Touch” [PREMIERE]

Introducing: Men Among Boys


Men Among Boys are another one of those mysterious bands. Our only glimpses of the duo so far have come as silhouettes with blurred out faces. Amongst this cloud of anonymity, however, their debut track, “Presence of Man,” has emerged. The London twosome create tribal R&B complete with resounding drums and powerful vocals. As of right now there’s not much else we know about them, but if they just want to let the music speak for itself, that’s fine with us. Stream “Presence of Man” below.

STREAM: Men Among Boys – “Presence of Man”

Premiere: Paper Boats – Holidays

paper boats holiday premiere

It’s never too early to start building a summer playlist. For those of you already hard at work on that, we’ve got another track for you to add: Paper Boats‘ “Holidays.” Premiering here on ATG today, the latest from the UK five-piece is a tropical dream-pop adventure. If Carousel and Cub Sport went on summer vacation together, it would sound something like this. Give “Holidays” a spin below.

STREAM: Paper Boats – “Holidays” [PREMIERE]



Whether you’re 15 or 50, you’ve probably had a crush that made your palms sweat, a lusty urge for something more physical or a love that renders you infatuated in a way that is nothing short of debilitating. With “XX,” the Aussie duo of AViVAA somehow convey all of these romance-related experiences. The line, “I don’t know what to think of you / All I know is that I want to kiss you,” echoes throughout the song, with Aviva Payne’s silky-smooth vocals floating above a sublimely sparse arrangement. The music of “XX” houses subtle complexities, and its steady, underlying beat will have you wishing your love life played out in a slow-motion this captivating. Stream it below.


Top Non-Illmatic Nas Songs


Illmatic is the best hip-hop album that’s been made so far. It’s Jordan. It’s Gretzky. It’s Ken Jennings. It’s Chipotle. It’s the best, not because everyone says it’s the best, although they do, but because to say otherwise would be really truly insane. It’s the best because nothing was better before and nothing has been better since – least of all the remainder of the Nas catalog.


Glass Animals – Pools

glass animals pools

English indie rockers Glass Animals have followed up the sensational “Gooey” with the fun and bouncy “Pools.” It seems as though they’re channeling Architecture in Helsinki and world music vibes as they build a lush percussion section to support their expressive vocal harmonies. Dave Bayley sings precisely as he goes from a whisper to a falsetto shout. The song feels naturalistic with its thick beat, but occasional ambient electronic noises provide an interesting counter balance to the primal beat. Everything fits right in its place, and shows a confident band finding its own spot as well. Stream it below.

Glass Animals album Zaba is out June 9th via Harvest Records.

STREAM: Glass Animals – “Pools”

Mausi – Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)

mausi hideaway kiesza cover

If we had it our way, we’d get to hear new Mausi every day. Until that dream becomes a reality, we’ll have to settle for their latest bit of ear candy: a cover of Kiesza’s “Hideaway.” While this one isn’t as party-starting as “Body Language” or “MOVE,” the ATG Records alums’ take on the Canadian chart-topper is groovy and laid-back while still sounding 100% Mausi. Give it a listen below.

STREAM: Mausi – “Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)”