Not long before they took the stage at New Noise at the Gibson Guitars Showroom earlier this month, we sat down for an interview with one of our favorite DC bands, GEMS. We ask them about their upcoming plans, the D.C. music community, their favorite bands of late and more. Big thanks to Jacob Zverina for his video mastery on this one. Watch it above.

STREAM: GEMS – “All I Ever”

Nicky Blitz – Summer Sinner

[vimeo 25871712 557 313]

Nicky Blitz is more of an obscure concept than just a recording artist/producer. I’ve known Nick Scapa, AKA, Nicky Blitz for a while and we’ve worked together on various music projects. I talk to him a few times a week and each time our conversation begins with me asking where in the world he is. Bouncing between LA, New York and Miami regularly – his music draws on the varied influences of those cities combining elements of indie rock, four-on-the-floor disco and electro pop.

The first song off of his eventually-to-be-released EP is called “Summer Sinner”. The above video was spliced together by the guys over at SPREADhouse using some footage from a wild Yotel party that Blitz played along with The Knocks and Oberhofer a few weeks ago. The formula behind the song seems to have been pretty simple – hole up in your Miami studio, recruit some DFA dudes to help out with backing tracks and write a song romancing the machinations of summer love. The result is a well-structured and bonafide dance-floor JAM . The synth line around 2:15 is absolutely infectious: beware.

STREAM: Nicky Blitz – “Summer Sinner”

ATG-TV: YACHT Interview

[vimeo 23441684 557 313]

A few weeks ago, we sat down with YACHT for a brief interview at the Standard beer garden. The charming portland-based duo touched on a variety of topics, including their upcoming album Shangri La, touring, and the depths of utopia.

Special thanks to Jon Salvia for filming/editing the piece.

MP3: YACHT – “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)”

ATG-TV: Penguin Prison Interview

[vimeo 22780539 557 313]

Trust us — if we could keep posting on Penguin Prison everyday, we would. But all good things must come to an end, so today we present you with this interview with Chris Glover, the face and brains behind the band. Watch above as Chris talks about getting discovered by Q-Tip, charting the right course for Penguin Prison, his recent tour with Girl Talk and more. A final thanks to Goldenbear for filming and Sebastien Tobler for his editing work.

STREAM: Penguin Prison – “Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)”

ATG-TV: Penguin Prison – Golden Train

[vimeo 22780321 557 313]

Want some more Penguin Prison? You got it. Chris and Sol also sat down to play us a special rendition of “Golden Train.” If you enjoyed our “Worse It Gets” video then this’ll be right up your alley. Thanks again to Goldenbear for filming and Sebastien Tobler for his editing work.

STREAM: Penguin Prison – “Golden Train”

ATG-TV: Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets

[vimeo 22484246 557 313]

Back when he visited DC with Girl Talk at the 9:30 Club, we asked Penguin Prison to stop by the Gibson Guitar Showroom to play us a couple of intimate, acoustic pieces. “The Worse It Gets” is the first of these, an otherwise jam of a track transformed into a smooth, beautiful number with just piano and guitar. Big ups to Goldenbear‘s Christopher Keener and Matthew Tanski for filming and Sebastien Tobler for editing this video.

MP3: Penguin Prison – “The Worse It Gets”

ATG-TV: Darwin Deez Interview

[vimeo 21529677 557 313]

Darwin Deez hung out with us at the Gibson Guitar Showroom before his show at the Black Cat to talk to us about touring, his growing presence in the states and what the future holds in store for him. Another superb production job from Sebastien Tobler and Tara Kocourek.

MP3: Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds (Jake Bullit Remix)”

ATG-TV: Darwin Deez – Bed Space

[vimeo 21529107 557 313]

Darwin Deez stopped by the Gibson Guitar Showroom before his show at the Black Cat to talk and play some music for us. Check out this intimate performance of “Bed Space,” one of the more emotional tracks off his eponymous debut album. Seriously, great stuff. Many thanks to the always-awesome Sebastien Tobler and Tara Kocourek for making this happen.

MP3: Darwin Deez – “Bed Space”

ATG-TV: Alex Winston – Locomotive

[vimeo 21281473 557 313]

Prior to Alex Winston‘s show at The Black Cat in Washington, DC, we teamed up with Sweetgreen to present an exclusive outdoor “in-store” performance. If you weren’t in attendance for the intimate session, we’ve got you covered — ATG resident producer/videographer Sebastien Tobler captured a stunning video of Ms. Winston’s signature jam “Locomotive”. Secret’s out, Winston is the one — SPIN and Pitckfork agree.

MP3: Alex Winston – “Locomotive”
MP3: Alex Winston – “Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)”
MP3: Alex Winston – “Choice Notes”


[vimeo 19750514 557 313]

Two Door Cinema Club sat down with us for a short interview before their co-headlining stint with Tokyo Police Club at the 9:30 Club on January 20th.  The boys from Bangor opened up about their Northern Ireland origins and how it was making it as a young band in the UK.  Check out some photos from the interview after the jump.

Many thanks to the always-awesome Sebastien Tobler and Tara Kocourek for lending us their audio-visual expertise on this interview.

MP3: Two Door Cinema Club vs. Tokyo Police Club – “Breakneck Speed Can Work”