| May 4, 2011
Cantora Records: Playlist

(Nick Panama, Will Griggs, Jesse Israel – by Kyle Dean Reinford)

New York City. 2005. Two guys, Jesse Israel and Will Griggs, share a typical introductory conversation sophomore year at NYU. The chat naturally turns to music within thirty seconds. Conversation turns into action. Parties are thrown, records are played. Soon they decide to get serious and make the obvious move to bring a kid from California named Nick Panama into the fold. They aren’t sure exactly what they plan on doing: A) Manage bands B) Book shows C) Put out records or D) All of the above. Everyone knows you have to pick D. Now its 2011 and they’re more than glad they did.

Since it’s creation in that NYU dorm room close to six years ago, the guys behind Cantora Records have gone on to release albums by Violens, Francis and the Lights and Savoir Adore to name a few. They have a knack for discovering talent as they released the 2005 debut Time To Pretend EP by MGMT. That EP included songs “Time To Pretend” and “Kids”, later featured on MGMT’s major label debut Oracular Spectacular. Cantora has been throwing great parties for years – their annual showcases at SXSW and CMJ are always a hit.

ATG has put together a little playlist, highlighting some of the Cantora Records roster including Bear Hands and Emil & Friends. You can check out both artists during the first installment of All Things Go Summer Showcase Series this Friday, May 6th at the Gibson Guitar’s Showroom.


MP3: Bear Hands – “Crime Pays”
MP3: Violens – “Violent Sensation Descends”
MP3: Francis and the Lights – “For Days”
MP3: Emil & Friends – “Downed Economy”
MP3: Savoir Adore – “Loveliest Creature (Lightwaves Remix)”